I Can Has Epics: Dreamless Belt

I’m kinda liking this Dreamcloth weekly cooldown mechanic, with enough herbalizing and mining, my two gatherers are generally able to produce enough materials for each of the Dreamcloth cooldowns each week. And having realized that I may have rushed my skill to the max a bit too quickly, the cloth accumulation rate at level 85 actually isn’t that bad. I actually have over a hundred Bolts of Embersilk Cloth just sitting around not really doing anything, refusing to be turned into Cheat The System PVP Items. Anyways..

Four Dreamcloths and some mad ingenious sewing-on-the-streets skill later, Truny creates a Dreamless Belt! I replaced Beauty’s Silken Ribbon with this belt in my preparation for Raiding, as you can notice the solid chunk of extra HIT that the Dreamless Belt provides. I do lose my favourite stat: Haste, however with Mastery boosting my Felguard’s damage as well, if in any case I am incapacitated during a raid (movement, mechanics, etc), my Felguard will still be up in the fray hacking away with all them crazy melee folk!

But I Have A Secret To Raid Preparation

We don’t really really need gear upgrades or need to pay attention to what stats benefit us the most…as long as you have THIS ACHIEVEMENT, you are set. The game even says it, no one disprove your claim!

Truny the Warlock

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