Truny’s Cataclysm Heroic Reports: 01/16/2010

Heroic Deadmines

Wow, can a single instance get any more epic? Once again this was ran on the Pugger tool several days ago and things went very very smooth all the way up until the “I poison you and you dream” part where some of us died to fire that spawned after we stepped on where they were supposed to spawn and we ran back and two dreams got all mixed up and it was all one crazy dream but I will get to that later.


Let’s see what does this guy do? All I remember is that he will summon a spinning wall of flame in which the party members must run around and around kind of like hamsters to avoid it. If you down the boss and not get touched by the fire you get the “Ready for Raiding” achievement, which Truny obviously er achieved on the first try. Nothing special.

Helix Gearbreaker

THIS guy totally jumps onto your FACE and tries to claw your eyes out!! It was SO funny I almost forgot to move away from people when I had a bomb on myself but lucky for the warlock-teleporting! Um, stay away from bombs! (I’ll be posting Heroic Guides sometime in the near future give or take 10-12 months for more details)

Foe Reaper 5000

Let’s see I believe ONE person has to get into some vehicle to take care of adds that spawn at the botton of the foundry. Everyone else try to stay away from the boss and also avoid his “Harvest”, which kind of works like Icehowl’s charge. Avoid its path!!


I’m so proud four boss names in a row! Uhhh this guy DPS the feck out of him, and then DPS the feck out of his continuous mist adds. They will grow and grow and go kaboom and you will die. Keep DPS’ing them UNLESS the boss is at such low health that you feel confident that he will be downed before you get blowned up.

“Captain” Cookie

He sits in a pot and throws food at the party. “Bad” food left on the ground has a bad AOE, you can choose to eat this then eat some “good” food to cancel the bad food debuff, and if you down him while only ever having one “bad food” debuff on you at max then you get an achievement. Blah blah blah. Eat one bad, eat one good.

Vanessa VanCleef

This place truly felt like an adventure. She’ll put you through the four “nightmares” of the previous bosses and they are essentially “Don’t touch stuff or you die” sequences. So yes, two of us had lagged and jumped too far into the fire in the first dream and died and we ran back in while the rest of the group downed the first dream boss Globtuk. However, we spawned the 2nd dream as we enetered and everyone died.

We ran back in, and now both dreams were occuring simultaneously. Wipe wipe wipe.

Did anyone leave group? No.

Solution: We all decided to run together and burn down the second dream boss: Helix. Once he was downed, we managed to down the first boss and the doors opened, but the remaining spiders overhwelmed us and we died. But the door opened.

Smooth sailing from then on.

The actual encounter with Vanessa was simple, we just focused on the stream of adds she spawned, and clicked on the rope when the game told us to click on the rope when she BLOWS UP THE SHIP!

Then (spoilers), when her health is low enough she commits suicide by BLOWING EVERYTHING UP!

Good job Vanessa. Kudos to the suiciding!

Deadmines is hectic, long, but fun.

Truny the Dead Miner

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