20 Minutes Later..Terrorpene!

Flaming Turby of Raaawr!

A few days ago while doing the boring dailies in Tol Barad I noticed a hunter with a very distinctive FLAMING TURTLE pet and I said to myself: “MUST HAVE!”

For more information on taming Terrorpene please visit my Terrorpene page!

I tabbed out and googled something along the lines of “wow flaming turtle pet”, and this awesome looking turtle was called Terrorpene (Fear Penis), and spawns in the fiery area of Mt. Hyjal.

Excellent. With some research I brought along with me a prismatic elixir, which provided me with 90 fire resist. This mob channels a deadly fire beam at you but it is four-times weak against resistances. So with 44k HP I barely survived the taming, but survived nonetheless.

I made a macro, turned on track beasts, remembered where I put the tame-beast spell and flew off to Mt. Hyjal. I hung out around the eastern side of the fire lake for about 10 minutes and mined the stray obsidium nodes and got bored and logged out. Whatever.

The next day, after a failed run of trying to find the DUMB spirit beasts in Northrend I decided to log off at the Throne of Flame again so I travelled back to Mt Hyjal and proceeded to find a nice place to log-off. As I was doing all this, good habits had me spamming my macro all this time. That was a failure, as I didn’t even notice it blaring in my chat window:


I guess he had JUST spawned, since at the moment before I was going to hit Logout, I saw that I had a Silver Ringed Mob targetted: Terrorpene!


I panicked calmly. I landed on the nearest safe stone platform near him, he was in the lava at the north-eastern part of the lava-pool at this point. Popped my elixir and began to tame him.

Competition: In the corner of my eye I saw that someone was seemingly camping this area as well, I mouse-overed them to see it was a warrior and I thought “FCK DON’T KILL IT YOU CAN’T TAME IT GO AWAY!”

My focus at that point was to tame it before this random warrior came and killed Terrorpene out of spite.

He didn’t. Then why was he hanging around there?

Anyways, with the prismatic elixir his fiery hatred only ticked for 5k a second leaving me with about 8K hp at the end of the ordeal!

THIS is what we’ve been wanting in a pet all this time, it GLOWS and smoke fumes out of his horn, aka utilization of modern graphics.

He is currently nameless and goes by “Turtle”.

Turby the Turtle

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