Alright, I Quit!

Problem solved! I just remembered that my Beast Master hunter has atalent called “Spirit Bond”. 2% health regenerated every ten seconds, rather than 4% every five seconds. Hmm much less health at a slower rate, but at least I don’t have to move or do anything for it to happen. Quittage engaged. (Not that anyone cares as the last time I quit I was still too lazy to cancel my subscription)

And so ends my Demonology Warlock rantings. It’s been fun but despite having a flaming horse and being able to turn into a flaming demon who can control an axe tossing axe spinning hits like a truck Felguard, there is absolutely no reason that I should rely on the natural hp regen of wow characters while I turn around to play on my console games, or when I am tabbed out playing another game, reading a book, baking, cooking, out for the night, etc.

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