Turny the Restless Tree Returns: Change in Healing Mindset

After Truny had scoped out the dungeon scene all the way to 85 I began to level Turny the Restless Tree (who no longer is a tree but only for 30 seconds on a cooldown) and decided to heal his way to 85. During the first few dungeons I ran, it felt as if my healing capacity had declined rather than improved despite having found some gear upgrades.

The old wrath mentality of healing that I had was to Keep Everyone At 100% Health. Now it has changed, now its more like Keep Everyone At 75% Health Except The Tank. Though the old paradigm sometimes kicks in, I found that during those spasms of Wrathness is when my healing felt “badder”.

No longer can we “lifebloom lifelboom lifebloom everyone” or rely on a Rejuv, Regrowth combination to keep the tank topped off, I mean mobs do MILLIONS AND BILLIONS of damages nowadays.

We almost HAVE to use our cast-timed spells. /shakefist /fu

It’s easy to deduce, with Lifebloom proccing That Thing That Makes Our Spells Free (I can’t think of the name right now), and with Nourish refreshing the duration of Lifebloom (I discovered this randomly), they probably want us to be sporadically spamming Nourish, as it is a cheap cheap mana cost spell, and use Healing Touch only for large spike damages.

After I got a hang of this “healing style”, I decided that I didn’t particularly like it. 2+ seconds to cast a spell for any resto druid is a no no, how am I supposed to jump around like a crazy? I can’t stop to melee mobs?

On a sidenote, it seems the druid spells post 80 are kind of underwhelming.

Thrash. AOE Bleed. Mm hmm it’s weak but useful but weak, just something to fill up the new Maul cooldown.

Roar of Speed. PVP? Increased movement for like…4 seconds?

Magic Mushrooms. The intent of this spell is awesome, setting off stealthed bombs. But seriously? Can the name reference be any classier? (Even though they LITERALLY are magical mushrooms…but still….)

Turny the Restless Tree

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