Truny’s Useless Tips: Enchant Off-Hand – Superior Intellect

**** UPDATED AS OF FEB 8, 2011****

Enchant Off-Hand – Superior Intellect now adds 40 INT to our offhand, thus wielding an enchanted staff vs a MH+OH almost equal. Though please feel free to read what it USED to be, and see how instead of making some creative changes, they just nerfed the enchant as that was the easy thing to do. Though keep in mind, you can STILL enchant your Main Hand weapon with a “cool” enchant such as Power Torrent of Hurricane and have your 40 INT, whereas with a staff you can only choose between the Wrath 80some INT or a “cool” enchant. Up to you!

****END UP DATE****

Throughout my toons’ levelling adventures, I come upon a lot of BOE green items and also craft a lot of Useless Items To Level To Max. What I do is send them all to the resident enchanter: Turny the Used To be Tree. After saving up so much dust and essences Turny’s enchanting skill finally got high enough to discover the recipe to Enchant your Off-Hand for 100 Intellect!

100 intellect is a LOT. When you think about it, that is about the same amount of INT gain when upgrading two or three ilvl 333 pieces to ilvl 346. That’s a pretty gosh darned good upgrade.

Given that a dagger/sword/mace at ilvl 346 has around 1,720 spellpower, and so does a staff at the same ilvl, the only difference remaining are STATS. Stats such as INT or Stamina or Haste or Whatever. With this enchant it seems to make carrying a Staff a thing of the past. Let us compare.

Currently I am using Biting Wind and the Book of Origin (Note this is an ilvl 333 offhand)

With this combination my stat gains are, (INCLUDING the offhand enchant):

Stamina: 418
Intellect: 379
Crit: 98
Haste: 156
Spellpower: 1,729
Mastery: 105

Now I also have a Cerith Spire Staff from heroic Throne of Tides. ACTUALLY I don’t even remember when the hell I ran heroic Throne of Tides, but its been in my bag for a while so…/shrug. Wait maybe I have the Staff of Siphoned Essences from Grim Batol…which would make more sense…I need to confirm this. Nonetheless both staves have the same amount of INT and SP anyways! The stats on the staff are:

Stamina: 454
Intellect: 302
Hit: 202
Haste: 202
Spellpower: 1,732

It seems the only direct int/spellpower we can enchant a staff with is the Wrath 81 spellpower enchant. With this in mind, it closes the gap but mind you if my off-hand were ilvl 346 the two weapon combo would still beat out a staff by about 17 INT.

HOWEVER, not only does a main hand with off-hand combination beat out a staff by 17 INT, BUT you can still enchant your Main Hand weapon with something cool, such as spellpower, or Power Torrent, or what I am using now because Turny’s skill is not high enough: Hurricane. (Which is essentially the new Black Magic enchant, increasing haste occasionaly by 450). A staff would not be able to have this nice proccable enchant on it.

Solution: A new enchant.

[Enchant Other End of 2-Handed Weapon – Ocean’s Wrath]

Enchant the pointy tip of your 2-Handed Weapon giving a boost of +75 Intellect, and causing your damaging spells to sometimes increase your intellect by 450 for 12 seconds.

Truny the Enchanter

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