Truny’s Cataclysm Heroic Reports: 01/13/2010

Heroic Halls of Origination

Oh this is going to be a fun report, I only remember three or four of the boss’ names, which are all the last bosses in that last big ring of bosses. This was also ran through the Pugging machine. Surprisingly we had a very very good group, which makes for a consistent five good groups in a row. Please note I only run maybe one every other day except for guild-runs as the DPS queue is still an eternity.

This dungeon seemed huge and daunting at first, what with SEVEN bosses and various high HP trash mini bosses but once again if Everyone Knows Their Shit and uses Common Sense, HOO can be a smooth run like any other.

First Boss: Holy Shields Run Down Hit Switch Snakes

Our group chose to jump down off the platform together so the tank could take the majority of the snake’s lashings as they hit fairly hard and there is a good number of them. Other than “co-ordinating” jumping off a platform together there is not much to this fight.

Warlock Can Has Trinkets: This boss dropped Anhuur’s Hymnal, I guess his own Hymnal, which won and replaced her normal version with. It has a nice chunk of hit, and the extra 1,700 spell proc is nothing to laugh at!

What Can Warlocks Do?

Um, you COULD setup a Demonic Circle in front of the boss, so once all the switches are hit, you DITCH the group and teleport up and DPS the boss. Make sure not to steal aggro. Otherwise, run with the group and help them kill snakes with Hellfire. Any excuse to use Hellfire during an encounter is a win for me.

Second Boss: Mini Marrowgar Not Sure What He Does Tank N Spank

This boss has an achievement linked to him/her/it. Prior to the encounter you will see a bunch of stray Camels wandering around in front of the boss’ platform. You may mount one if you please, but your demon WILL despawn as your new “pet” is now the camel. If you stay on the camel for the entire fight, you get an achievement something like “SOMETHING STRAW CAMEL SOMETHING SOMETHING”.

How do you “lose” your camel? The boss does earth spikes which will kill your camel, so keep moving around since you are able to move and cast at the same time with the camel! /shakefist

This has me wondering, why can’t we cast and ride our own mounts which we are so very well accustomed to having ridden for YEARS? My warlock could probably raid and bake a cake and cast at the same time on her Felsteed. Heck the Felsteed can probably DPS with its flaming hooves and all. Right..RIGHT??

Anyways, just Stay Out of Shit and when he spawns adds umm..KILL them. And you are good to go.

This dude has no interesting drops for Warlocks.

Third Boss: (/big breath) Four Elementals Prior Moving Floor Room Stay Out of Shit Lasers and Circles Pew Pew

Well, his name sums it up right. He has no drops for warlocks Moving on now.
And now in no particular order except for Rajh, the last four bosses.


This guy has no particular aggro table so you can go balls to the walls with him. He will run around and summon portals, Kill the Portals! The portals summon nasty adds which the tank will be kiting around. He casts nasty things on the ground and we no like nasty things so no standing in said nasty things. Easy peasy. KILL PORTALS!


Ok let’s see, Isiset will occasionally cast a Supernova, in which you must turn around to avoid being stunned kind of like Commander Something in TOC-5. At certain points of her HP % she will SPLIT into essentially what her spells are. I would say kill Astral Rain first, as it is her AOE damage spell. She will split two more times, rinse and repeat nothing special here.


This fight is more or less a tank and spank, but the boss will spawn plants on the ground to heal him or to explode the party. One thing I found interesting with this fight, as I was on the lookout for plants spawning, I saw my FELGUARD automatically running up to the plants as they were growing and killing them for us!!


I guess my Felguard HATES plants, the fight went fairly smoothly since he would be ON THEIR ASSES the moment they started spawning. Now I believe the hunter’s pet did not do the same thing, there must be some sort of defense mechanism built into the Felguard?

/whisper I was kinda creeped out not having the direct my demon. Oh well.


This guy has every ability that I would love to add to my Fire Arsenal of spells. Fiery tornadoes /drool. Avoid Fiery Tornadoes. The tornadoes also leave a trail of fire in their wake. Avoid fire. He will jump on people, and prior to jumping the ground will glow, I believe this can be interrupted by the melee as it will one shot anyone he lands on. I believe those are the only things to “move to avoid” otherwise let the melee classes interrupt his other spells.

Once he starts glowing, apparently he’s recharging his energy, you will be doing 100% more damage at the expense of taking a small fire damage over time. Pew Pew him down!

Rajh Tips: You can run around with Hellfire and get in real close to the healer and ranged just to mess them up and freak them out!

The end.

Blagroon the Intelligent Felguard

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