Truny’s Cataclysm Heroic Reports: 01/12/2011

Heroic Blackrock Caverns

I was thrown into an ‘in progress’ Heroic Blackrock Caverns last night through the pugger tool and came upon the group running back towards Corla Beams Stand In Front Move At 80 Go Back from a possible wipe.

The group looked pretty solid and I started to wonder who had left and who was from the original party that started the instance in the first place.

Did Corla Beams Stand In Front Move At 80 Go Back require a certain amount of communication, co-ordination, and perhaps a lucky group composition to complete. Maybe.

Our group dps consisted of two casters and a single melee. Ideal for this fight. This boss is also one of those fights were If Everyone Knows What They Are Doing They Are Fine. Beams were blocked, debuffs were dropped and fears were interrupted and it was scarily smooth sailing from then on. I thought to myself “see, that wasn’t so hard, I wonder if the previous person who left was the one who caused the wipe, or perhaps everyone in here except the healer is new?” Oh well.

Any Tips For Her?

You MUST always offer to stand in front of the left beam, because that is the side I always offer to stand in. By the way it has way better feng shui than the add by the ramp. On the pull, cast your two little buttons, please refer to my “Rotations” page if you already haven’t seen it. Run up to the first Twilight Slave (or whatever the hell they are called), and drop your Demonic Circle. Pew pew as normal but keep an eye on the debuff, it is safe to start running out when the stack HITS 80, just jump out and spam Fel Fire to keep up your damages. The stack should be at 86-ish by the time you jump out. Now pew pew as normal, and if the boss’ heals are getting interrupted you won’t need to “help” with the other beam. Watch for the debuff to drop off and warp back to block the Slave and you win.

The Fire Boss Drag Through Damage And Adds boss went down smoothly as well, it was my first time in here and I was told to “Kill adds”, but the adds had spawned when the boss was at 10% health. Very quick kill.

Tips Tricks?

I don’t know, blow cooldowns and burn.

One nice thing about the adds in Blackrock Caverns, is that it trains people to stack, as seen in the Meteor strikes the four little elemental thingies cast that appear after the Fire Boss Drag Through Damage And Adds boss.

Beauty. This fight is more annoying than difficult as Beauty tends to fear and knockback, which really irks me since anything that interrupts my casting makes me shout ‘EFF YOU!’  On heroic, her little dogs will aggro and they can be CC’d to reduce the tank and healer’s strain. I *think* we killed one on the initial pull but I am not sure if they reincarnate like the Molten Core felhounds. /shakefist

What Do?

Try not to get frustrated when you get feared/interrupted from your killing.

As for the last boss, the Shadow Clones Replace Switch boss, our mage kited his adds around, as they seem to have a healing debuff and slight damage over time beam, and everyone else just focused on the boss himself. Done and done.

I guess BRC isn’t as difficult as the other heroics in terms of Frustrating Items One Must Pay Attention To, right?

Truny the Cannot Remember Any Boss Name in BRC

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