Are Protection Paladins OP?

In PVE? Remember when I mentioned playing my paladin a couple weeks ago and thought retribution felt a bit clunky? That was actually their off-spec, my paladin’s main spec was actually protection, and it was through tanking that she actually got up to the mid level 50s.

I decided to try out the “new” cata protection, worked hard to sort through all the holy righteous items in my spellbook and organized them according to how I think I would push my buttons in a general pull and started queuing as tank.

HOLY CRAP! From what I see, protection paladins do not die even more now! With this new Holy Power mechanic and Word of Glory self heals, my paladin could solo almost the entire lower blackrock spire save for the trolls that hex you into a frog then chop you into iddy biddy bits. Heck we could probably solo any dungeon at level? Which is kinda scary and sad.

Threat was almost never an issue, with hammer of the righteous being a nice guaranteed AOE along with our shield throw and holy wrath I levelled this paladin all the way to outlands and she is already 64! I was tanking the outlands instances half-afk while watching Mad Men with wow in the background.

From the 28934302 or so dungeons I tanked only two people had beat me in damage. The AOE damage generation is disgusting. (And I am proud to say one of them was a demo lock, and the other was a DK who was EIGHT levels above everyone else)

It was fun tanking, but in the back of my mind there spawned a slight sadness, this would all end soon, the Wrath Style run in and pull everything, once Truby hits 85 with a gear level of 329 it’ll all be down to careful pulls, sticking to crusader strike and hammer bash.

tl;dr: Truny says “I think protection paladins are kinda fun because I can smash buttons randomly and be a useful tank while levelling really fast”.

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