Demonology Warlock Rotations

You want rotations I’ll give you rotations. Fine don’t read the tooltips or anything just work off someone else’s golden egg, let your goose die. Do warlocks have a rotation or is it a spell priority list? You don’t care you just want me to tell you what buttons to push and hell I’ll tell you what buttons to push for one, two, three, four or more targets and for bosses.

I actually had this issue when playing my paladin as protection, I wasn’t sure what buttons to push which spells were important and tried to google it but then got too lazy and just figured everything out myself, but thats a different post.

Single Target Trash:


-Curse of Elements

-Bane of Agony
Hit these right as the tank is about to get aggro cause they’ll waste two GCDs and you want to utilize your GCDs for actual damage.

-Hand of Gul’dan

-(Pet’s Felstorm IF there isn’t an AOE mob AFTER this mob or if this mob will take more than 45 seconds where the cooldown will refresh)

-Shadowbolt until Decimation
-If Molten Core procs, use three Immolates UNLESS you are in Decimation mode then stick with Soulfire, and refresh Hand of Gul’dan when it is off its cooldown. Always refresh Hand of Guldan over using your Incinerates since the buff lasts long enough that you can always cast a refreshing spell and still get the three incinerates finished.

Spam Soulfire

If you have to move: Spam Fel Fire while moving and the next spell you cast is most likely Hand of Gul’dan. Also, gauge how fast the rest of the DPS is, perhaps you only have time for one or two soulfires, and there might not be enough time for another cast, if so, chain a Fel Fire after your last Soulfire and spam a few Fel Fires. You have to maximize every single second that a mob has any HP that you are able to contribute to damaging it.

Two Targets Trash:

Multi-Trash as I like to call it have too low an HP for curses and banes.


Target first mob and cast:

-Send your pet in
-Hand of guldan on first mob
Switch to second mob:
Switch back to first mob:
-Shadowbolt (or Incinerate of molten core is up)
Once the first mob procs your Decimation:

Soulfire the first mob until its HP is low enough where another Soulfire cast will not make it in, then just chain a Fel Fire to the last Soul Fire you are going to cast and switch back to target number two:

The second mob should be dying so fast that Decimation will proc on again and you can just continue to cast soulfire, remember to always use Hand of Gul’dan when its cooldown is off, throw it in between soulfires.

Three or More Trash:


With three or more mobs you can be lazy and take advantage of how disgustingly powerful demonolgoy AOE really is. At the pull, just to be civil and not looking like you want to kill everything in a hellish rampage, cast:

-Immolate on whatever mob and then..
-Hand of Guldan it
The hand of guldan aura is very important for AOE pulls because it increases what is secretly your strongest weapon:
-Seed of Corruption for kicks and giggles (optional)
-Hellfire and run around like a crazy burning chicken with its head cut off! When your first Hellfire effect runs out or before the first one you can also throw in a ShadowFlame cause it looks cool!

People will HATE you.

Anecdote Time

A long long time ago, and once upon this time, Truny and a group of eager adventurers set out on a mission to murder everything in their path in the grand and mysterious dungeon in the sky known as the Vortex Pinnacle. The group was having a blast, murering along at their pleasure until the rogue said something, “I wish I could spam Hellfire”. The waves of bitterness in rogue’s words also left a very bitter taste in Truny’s mouth, yes even digitally across the internets. Truny the Warlock tried to keep everything in line by jesting “Yes it beats spamming Seed of Corruption”, and all was silent again. The group approached the terrace where the Grand Vizier of Whirlwinds Coalesce Stack on Tank or Move Out Take Damage resided, and the group decided to stack. The boss was downed and the party moved on. The rogue proudly linked his damage meters, topping everyone as he was the only melee class, and was unaffected by the whirlwind’s slowing effects on casting spells. However he was only a few thousand above Truny, even though her casting speed had been hindered for most of the fight. Though Truny had no expectations of his kind of people to actually analyze the numbers to breakdown what actually happened. The group continued on, murdering hard, until they saw in the distance on a high windy terrrace, a large dragon. Guarding this dragon, was a phalanx of wind elementals! Half a dozen of them to be exact, give or take! The group engaged in a fierce heated battle and in the AOE frenzy Truny cast a Seed of Corruption for kicks and giggles and immediately the rogue said “You cast Seed of Corruption (so your number is even higher than mine QQ)”, Truny promptly ignored this comment. Now, the dragon before the group turned out to be the Dragon Boss Wind Changes Move Haste! The party engaged in an epic battle with Truny reigning supreme on the damage meters, which was expected, as this fight will benefit casters who know where to stand. The rogue did not link any meters this time. Nor did they link anything when the party finally traversed to a far platform where Asaad the Wind Guy Triangle Stand In lay, and ultimately laid. So in conclusion, FUCK YOU ROGUE NO ONE CARES ABOUT DPS ANYMORE JUST HELP US STUN AND INTERRUPT AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!
The end.

Boss Fight


A boss fight is similar to Single Trash only the boss has waaaay more HP. Start off with Curse of Elements and Bane of Agony, followed with Immolate. By now your pet should have ran up to the boss, hit Felstorm. Hand of Guldan. Shadowbolt until molten core procs that is when you use your powerful Incinerates. Watch for Hand of Guldan’ cooldown, if you think you can’t make it to refresh it because you have to move, Fel Fire. Watch for your pet’s Felstorm cooldown, or save it if the boss has adds. If the boss has adds, refer to Single Target Trash.

Now, by the boss pulls you should alread have a feel of how the group is performing DPS wise and also how the tank is threat wise and also the healing patterns and tendencies of the healer. If you are not aware of all this, get practising it is important to know if the healer is a tunnel-vision style or just like yourself, awesome.

We Can Has Cooldowns

I tend to save my cooldowns for boss fights because 1. I am lazy, 2. I save them for boss fights.

Demon Soul, on a 2 min cooldown I sometimes pop this at the beginning of a fight, just to help trigger any phase shifts, which means it will be back up when the boss is low health and in Decimation mode.

Metamorphosis, I also sometimes pop Meta along with Demon Soul at the beginning of a fight and become almost godly, if I know the fight is long. Since our main nukes will reduce the cooldown of Metamorphosis, Depending on the group DPS, Meta might be back up for action when the boss is low on health, and I can use it to boost Soulfire Spam Damage. It all depends.

If the boss is Melee friendly, pop Meta and leap your way in there and cast Immolation Aura as well, for the bonus passive damage. We all know that though.

Soul Burn? You COULD use it for an instant Soulfire to proc a talent called Improved Soul Fire which increases your haste by 15%. I actually do not have this talent, and I am too lazy to respec but I can see that you can use this as a mini-trinket or an opener to Single Target Trash fights or Boss fights.

What Happened to Corruption?

I believe they made changes to this spell where it only benefits Affliction warlocks. Previously, Corruption was part of our spell list and it would proc Molten Core, nowadays, something else procs molten core. I think its Immolate, or something. But its NOT corruption. I believe it is from Immolate damage.

And that pretty much sums it up, unless I forgot to talk about a certain ability. I have a feeling it is the ability that is bound to the “8” on my bar, which for some reason right now I can not recall what the HELL it is.

**Oh my goodness this post is SO old! In order to update this, throw in CORRUPTION, and keep this up on the boss! Also, the Fel Hunter is our high DPS pet now, if you’d like, start off with the Felguard, use his fel storm and switch out to Fel Hunter!
Truny the Rotating


  1. I'm surprised nobody has made any comments yet, thought I'd put one up here because I think you're post is pretty good.

    I've been working on my warlock the last couple of days and I just can't seem to get it right. Have tried demo and destro and am getting similar numbers with both – about 8k overall for a heroic which is pretty lame. Maybe it's because my hit is still low (13%). That's as high as I can get it with my current gear.

    I'm pwning on my 4 other 85's but my warlocks dmg is embarrasing. 😦


  2. I've come to the conclusion myself that the Guard is better for AoE trash nowadays and the pup for single target seeing as Shadow Bite benefits from DoT's like Shadowflame and Corruption. Puppy crits 120k here with Bane of Doom, Corruption, Shadowflame and Immolate up. Even better because the Hand of Gul'dan aura makes it crit pretty much all the time.

    Opening with Guard is a waste now aswell even though some people do swear by it still, but with the 4set T13 Bonus your Soulburn increases your SP by 10% for 10sec and you regain a shard when you use Soul Fire and Soulburn at the same time. I rather not recall a pet and waste a shard there then because pets can die, and then you're fucked without shards.


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