Truny the Warlock’s Useful Tips: Tailoring Tips

One of the first things I noticed with Cataclysm was that the new cloth, Embersilk Cloth did not seem to be dropping as abundantly as Frostweave. Even with the passive hidden “cloth scavenging” that all tailors have as a passive ability, mobs tended to drop an extra 2-3 cloths, sometimes six (HA like twice in two weeks), but more often than not just two.

From my experiences back in Wrath, my tailors would generally find a LOT more cloth while running dungeons than solo’ing, though this is slightly true, say I am questing for an hour with humanoid mobs as the killables, I would find maybe 12 pieces of cloth, whereas in a dungeon I’d find 20? (Say what?) That is still more, mind you.

Seeing that WOW crafting is still “grind to the end just like the actual game until anything is useful”, a lot of the “low” level cloth items require 4-6 bolts of embersilk cloth, which means 20-30 pieces of cloth, for ONE skillup. And as I mentioned before, in a single hour, or a single dungeon run you MAY find enough cloth to make about five bolts. Congratulations.

So anyways, I had noticed this after the very very first dungeon that Truny ran and immediately I thought something was wrong and I promptly went straight to the source, wowhead. There were some comments such as “oh go grind here or at so and so area”, but one special comment noted that the quickest way to accumulate embersilk cloth was to use a “Potion of Treasure Finding” and go grind out mobs in the new Cataclysm zones.

This potion gives you a buff where you will have a small chance of looting a “Tiny Treasure Chest”, which can contain a bit of gold 1-4 usually, a chance of 4-11 Embersilk Cloths (usually at LEAST one bolt), and a lower chance of a handful of random volatile elements.

This sells for about 180-220 gold per potion, and the buff lasts for an hour. It is quite worth it, because if you find even ONE treasure chest with 11 pieces of cloth this is probably more than you will ever find just by grinding out the mobs (that may not be true but I am just really bitter about the drop rates if that is not already quite obvious).

But Where Do I Kill

Oh yes, another comment made was to recommend people to go to Deepholm, and grind the Stone Bats and (Something) Flayer mobs that run around the area. They are located WEST of the temple of earth, on the first ledge. This place is extra great for Demonology Warlocks because our hellfire ticks can pull the bats, the flayers and hell everything around us and burn them to the ground in seconds since both these mobs have really low health (5k for the bats, 10k for the flayers). I spent more time looting than actual killing and make sure your Felguard does not killsteal any of the bats as he can one shot them! They have a fast fast respawn rate, as they are quest mobs, and the flayers sometimes drop 1-2 pieces of embersilk cloth, and the bats will drop a “flesh” which is used 450+ cooking which actually sells for a lot on our server.

In the duration of one potion I usually find a few volatiles, not important, and if drop rates were loving me, about 250ish embersilk cloths, YES about forty to fifty bolts of cloth! Considering that one piece of cloth is selling for like 823432 gold on our server, as holds true with EVERYTHING Cataclysm related, the treasure finding potion is 200 gold well spent.

It also helps that my second profession is herbalism, and my Death Knight has maxed alchemy, though money is flowing in so fast I usually just buy the potions when I run out rather than actually logging off and logging back in and spend the time to actually click the “Make” button and send the potion via mail D:

Speaking of this gold rush has anyone noticed this as well? I bought the free well not free but the 4,500 gold “310% flying speed” skill a week ago but now I have more than I had to begin with already? All I did was sell some herbs??

Truny the Tailor

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