Patience and Consistency

I was so tired yesterday whilst doing my one single Throne of Tides run on my Death Knight (I ninja’d an axe!) that I didn’t even care to glimpse at the little recount box in the corner or my screen or even notice that the hunter had been afk for over HALF the instance without a pet summoned either!

I think they were pulling 2K dps and only 3k average AFTER the giant Kraken Wall Side Kill Big fight. I was too tired to care, but my inner warlock was saying “WHAT THE FCK IS WRONG WITH THAT IDIOT, IF YOU CAN’T EVEN DEVOTE 30 MIN TO AN INSTANCE WITHOUT HAVING TO WATCH A MOVIE ON THE SIDE GO DIE IN A FCKING FIRE??”

Yes, only healers pre-cata content are allowed to go AFK as is proven by my resto druid, disc priest, and also 46 resto shaman. Just press your healy button and go do whatever until the duration of it is reset.

GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER.. if you can’t even prioritize two kinds of entertainment, a GAME or a MOVIE how would you act in real life situations? What if I needed a year to date capital summary of all the odd number branches in our eastern division, could you handle that? NOT good on your resume at ALL! Yes your potential employers are not only stalking you on Facebook but they are stalking you on WOW!

But, like I said at that moment I didn’t really care as Klupty was doing most of the work and it was good practise for his Deathknighting.

Speaking of melee dps, I queued into Sunken Temple on my little Ret Pally and all these new abilities are so confusing? Or ok wait so what is going on, it seems like the crusader strike shares a cooldown with the holy-hits-many-things thing, and judgements stayed the same, ummm oh that red monkey seal that used to be Seal of Makes Your Attacks Hit More Targets seems to be a passive ability that just enhances your other seals right? But it felt more reassuring seeing that red monkey icon, now I’m not sure I think we are being ripped off. What else, oh holy points and that one templar’s something that does like 1-4 damage at 1 point, 4-20 damage at 2 points and 700-1200 damage at 3 points…uhhh ok we get it fill up those holy points! Consecrate seems to rip out 25% of my mana pool and….but it didn’t feel as KAPOWPOW as before but my pally still pulled 300 dps, only 2nd to the warrior tank so..uhhh it didn’t feel like there was much impact more so like a button mash-a-thon. (I think my issue is that I want to push ALL THOSE SHINY BUTTONS) So yeah that was my resummarization of Retribution, maybe she’ll just stick with tanking.

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