Truny has Chosen: The Frost DK

I have been logging in and out amongst my five or six potential toons to actually play to 85 and whose sole purpose is not for the profit or betterment of Truny the Warlock. My hunter is nice and all but I don’t know.. he can wait and just sit around mining and skinning for now. Turny, how come not Turny my druid, he can get insta-tank-queues and semi-quick healing queues but NAH I get done in after so many dungeons (two), I’ll still play him occasionally just not so frequent.

SO it’s down to Klupty the DK. The main reason is: His 525 alchemy skill means I have a chance of finding the Sandstone Drake recipe via archaeologizing, which means I have to stop archaeologizing on Truny and focus my efforts on the alchemists. (Not that Truny’s skill is any high probably around 180?)

What is so great about the Sandstone drake other than it looks pretty awesome? PENIS SIZE! I can finally join all the other people sitting in the Valley of Strength for no apparent reason showing off their LARGE THICK HARD d…rakes! Then everyone else just minding their own business would run by me and click on me and inspect this Dragonization and be like “OMG CRY QQ UR SO KEWWLL LOOL”

ACTUALLY… once I do manage to create a Vial I would most likely give it to my Warlock and ditch my DK for a bit while I go drop people out of mid-air. BWAHAHAHA! (I believe using a Potion to Deepholm should work mid-air right??)

The mats to make the vial of the sands or whatever the heck its called seem expensively viable, I mean as long as MOST of the mats are sold at some vendor and don’t require RAID REP (I’m talking about YOU ICC EVERYTHING!), I think if Klupty ever finds the recipe he should be set. Just transmute pyrite, then pyrite into true gold, and the flasks he already has in his bag!

But How To Play?

Klupty had helped one of Truny’s guildies with mats for the BC level enchanting rod using Primal Might and in turn asked for a port to Stonard which was meant to be a shortcut to discover the entrance to Blackrock Caverns. So yesterday, I queued Klupty into BRC and essentially every other drop was an upgrade. There was no sadness in these upgrades, I had never put much effort in gearing up Klupty so he was mainly in T8s with a few T9s, ICC untouched, so every other drop was just “NEED”, “NEED”, “NEED SORRY I’M NEW OBVIOUSLY BAHAHA”.

I STILL find Frost DK’ing quite button spammy especially once you are done your disease setups and all these icy animations are flashing on the screen (I kept them turned on), such as when Obliterate/Frost Strike WILL crit, or when Howling Blast becomes free. Then apparently we have this new strike which refreshed our diseases? Do I use that? My ice disease always refreshes itself anyways? The last time I put any thought into optimizing my DKs “priorities” was that I had to use my blood runes to make some death rune which was essentially a free rune which meant I could Obliterate more which generated more runes which meant I could use Frost Strike or something like that? How does one play a DK without having to constantly stare at their action bar?

All this is happening in melee which means you have to keep one eye on the action bar and another on the actual battlefield, so you can imagine me sitting there with my head tilted to the side one eye squinting trying to wait for the boss’ ability to interrupt it but if I’m looking ALL the way up at the boss’ HP bar then I can’t see my ability bar so I’m just auto-attacking for a few seconds and it’s quite hectic!

Maybe I should go back, and actually READ what rune each ability uses and what refreshes what or what not GAAH! Or maybe not feel like I need to hit SOMETHING at every cooldown……hence the spamminess?

…or I had been thinking….SCREW the diseases, but that would be akin to not casting Immolate on at least SOMETHING …hmmm…..

…anyways, Klupty will most likely be “levelling” via Archaeology. It seems that for each relic thinger that he finds he receives 0.06% exp which means to level to 82 would require about 150-200 relics? Unless it turns green and rewards less exp? Or unless whatever I don’t care anymore.

Klupty the DK

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