Truny’s Cataclysm Heroic Reports: 01/03/2011

When there’s no one local to play with, the number 40 is our best friend, that is the time in minutes it takes for a DPS to queue into a heroic dungeon, and I also found that that was about the amount of time it takes for me to begin my AFK cycles. This means that I have to queue THEN go afk, or else I’d be stuck playing the game for an extra 40 minutes.

ANYWAYS, yesterday’s hot topic was: Grim Batol!

This was one of them “In progress” dungeons, but I didn’t care anything is fine after almost wanting to go afk after 40 minutes!

Everyone pops into the dungeon and:

Tank has left your group.

Yeah so completely expected I don’t even…

We requeue and off we go, apparently the group prior had been wiping on the first boss, Mr Something Dragon Big Blitzes (yes that is his official name). We wiped once because something about adds and troggs and purple or something, but the next time we get him down. Always put down your summoning circle to insta-avoid the blitzes.

The second boss caused some issues, you know the Dragon Big Weapon Chooser Shield Behind Mace Kite Sword Go (Again, completely accurate name). We wiped a few times and the healer had to leave, and a random dps left. Then they were promptly replaced, we wiped a couple times but finished him off and the healer wand dropped and I rolled since no one else seemed to need it and the Spirit could be partially reforged away into another useful sexy stat.

Third boss, the Fire and Dragon Run Away boss only caused minor issues as someone accidentally forgot to run away from the adds, a dps dropped group and was replaced. We noted this was the 5th reincarnation of the group.

Then everything went smoothly up to the last boss, the Giant Bug Adds and Shadow Don’t Stand Outside (Yes I name everything via mental notes to self), just minor fixable issues and we downed him and the end.

I do have a gripe about the adds on the last boss though, Warlocks are at a disadvantage because we either have to preemptively send our pet to where the adds are, or leave him preemptively passive to help burn them down since our cast times are SO long! Shadowbolt takes 2.2 seconds to cast, it takes the mob 2.0 seconds to walk to the eggs so I would like to propose a change.

Shadowbolt: Deals 12,230-13,293 shadow damage. Cast time: Instant. Don’t worry about it, it shares the same concept with Fel Fire, we need something to cast while on the move, or to be useful and kill wipe-invoking adds faster.

Until next time! (I’ll probably have time to queue tomorrow or Sunday we’ll see!)

Truny the Reincarnated

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