Truny’s Cataclysm Heroic Reports: 01/11/2011

Heroic Lost City of the Tol’Vir

We ran this as a mainly guildie run, four of us to be exact and a LFD healer who was an excellent paladin healer. We didn’t have much issues which makes for a boring blog entry however I did undertake on a suicidal experiment on the Bombs Throws You Earth Spikes boss. My results were inconclusive though bahaha.

So if you stand within a cluster of bombs that are about to explode, I believe the boss actually detonates them, and you take 30K damage per bomb in range (with soul link). I still didn’t have the guts to actually TOUCH a bomb, but since this was the first time I was actually in close proximity to the explosives, I could clearly see that the ground will GLOW within a certain radius around each of the bombs, and that is not a safe and happy place to be.

We also happened to have an entire arsenal of CC spells available to us: Polymorph, Ice Trap, Fear.

On the Crocodile Spawns Smaller Crocodiles Then Augh boss, I recommend you saving your Felguard’s Felstorm for the killage of the small croc spawns. Just do it.

Heroic Stonecore

I believe the toughest part of Stonecore is actually the first few pulls where the dude will turn into an earth elemental and deal huge AOE damage to the party. Fear him or banish him when he transforms. Let everyone gather up their resolve and game-face, unbanish it and murder it!

I ran this with the Pugger Tool. We had a random melee dps who shall be un-named and classless who just KEPT DYING every single pull. Have you ever had one of those people? They would just randomly die before even the tank takes damage, and they would die and die again? The sad part was low damage output they were generating as well. In the three to four thousand range. Odd.

CORBORUS: Of all the boss names in the game I remember this guy’s name cause he’s this awesome stack of stone cheerios worm who knocks Millhouse Manastorm off a cliff!

So What? What Do Demonology Warlocks Do Here? Spam Hellfire. He’ll shoot red crystals onto the ground which will spawn into little explosive crystals hellbent on blowing your party into the abyss. You can save your Felguard’s Felstorm for these if you see them coming, or run up to the red crystals and pre-Hellfire the ..err hell out of them! Also, when the boss burrows and spawns the little itty bitty creatures, first MAKE SURE YOUR HEALER LOVES YOU, then spam your Hellfire to save the rest of the party some grief. Remember, Hellfire is the AOE King and people HATE you for it hence you must always use it!

Dragon Fire Pillars LOS: For this guy, if you play your cards right you’ll take absolutely ZERO damage in this fight other than life lost through lifetapping. Dodge fire pools, line of sight the boss when he casts crystal barrage and just stand far far away! I still can’t remember his name, Stonebane? It’s Stone-something isn’t it?

OZRUK: Wow the second boss name I actually remember, Stonecore must be something special. When he yells “ROCK MY HARD BODY“, wait a couple seconds, as by then he would have cast [Elemental Bulwark] (or something like that), which reflects spell damage. If you have Deadly Boss Mods, which you should already, a little notice will pop up that he will cast this Bulwark thingy. This is important because after this, he will leave a PARALYSIS debuff on you which is removed by damage, and hence the spell you want him to reflect back onto you is Immolate. This Paralysis will deal about 50k damage if it stays on you for its entire duration, and that is bad because an immobile warlock is a dps’less warlock! Again, just immolate the boss when his Bulwark is up as it lasts long, and ticks lightly on your robes. The tank should be facing him away cause he does a HUGE ground slam which radiates outwards from him in a V shape doing something like 1298532908532 damage. Otherwise, remember when he says “ROCK ME NOW!” you just singe him, don’t do anything else….

Also in the chaos of the battle I am not able to confirm if his Elemental Bulwark thinger has a duration or just reflects one spell, but I thought it was safe to put up Shadow Ward to absorb any accidental Shadow Bolt reflections.

HIGH PRIESTESS AZIL: Dang I just need to google up the dragon boss and I’ve got this place down pat! Stonecore? No that’s the dungeon name….anyways… She is pretty much the same as normal mode except her Force Grip hits like a mother effen truck and must be interrupted. Again, make sure your healer LOVES you and hellfire down those adds that join the party! Again, your Felguard can take out ALL of them every 45 seconds. And also, watch for the dust clouds on the ground cause that is when she will THROW A BOULDER at you and you will die.

So these so called Valor Points are slowly adding up perhaps Truny can purchase a single piece of pretty T11 by mid March?

Truny the Warlock

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