Truny’s Comprehensive Cataclysm Demonology Warlock Comments in Non-Comprehensive Fashion!

Screw intros who reads those anyways?

Ok fine, uhhh Deathwing and blah blah earth change and planes water and fire and new spells and dungeons ummm something desert and Thrall is like totally solo-ing the freakin’ ocean has anyone noticed that??? Ok STFU.

So since patch 4.0.1 nothing much has really changed, the revamp of skill trees and our demon pretty much remained the same. I say Demon because I mean Felguard.

The Felguard is BEAST …. BEAAST I say! He has his general cleave, which hits all mobs, an axe throw, which is super useful for stunning stray mobs or interrupting healing mobs (I’m talking about YOU Temple Adept!), BUT his/her (I guess the Felguard can be female too?) best skill in single target or AOE is Felstorm. FELSTROM! It’s code for Maelstrom! Go look it up I’m too lazy to do the fancy coding and html linking but I’m sure you all know how freakin’ awesome it is already! On a 45 second cooldown, the Felguard will spin around and do massive damage I believe it is 5-6 slashes to EVERYTHING around it, I’ve seen this crit for 11k which is GAAH BEAST! Using Felstorm along with a seed of corruption thrown in, then you using your hellfire = awesome AOE dps, you will then probably do 50% of an arm’s warriors damage or 10% of any type of mage’s damage. *Ahem* And with the expansion even our PETS have 8950353253 HP they make a pretty good temporary off-tank if maintained a bit.

Fel Flame

At level 81 we get this very interesting spell, an instant cast spell with no cooldown other than the global one. If you’re ICC 25 geared this will hit for 1,500 critting for 3,000 I THINK as I’ve seen it do 4,400 with all the new trinkets and buffs and whatnot.

It’s weakish but it’s handy cause you can cast it on the fly, for those of us used to casting our DOTS on the move should have no problem getting used to this spell. It adds six seconds to our Immolate, which helps us extend Immolate in case we have to move or can’t get Hand of Gul’dan off in time. It is also handy when there is an arm’s warrior or mage in the group as things die SO DAMN FAST usually when a mob is at 150K HP or less there is ONLY enough time to spam one or 2 Fel Flames before it is dead *Ahem*

And it’s green fire. Pew pew. Pew pew pew pew! (Actually I am lazy, so usually I send my felguard on a mob while questing and just spam Fel Flame…cause it’s instant LMAO!)

Dark Intent

Hmmm our first useful “buff” thinger. You can apply this to your Felguard when questing just for the 3% haste. We all know by now what it does right? It first gives whoever has the spell on them and YOURSELF 3% haste, then when their DOTS or HOTS crit it increases the other person’s DOT/HOT by 3% effectiveness up to three times so up to 9%.

In short, you gives this to teh heal durid or unholy DK. Or whoever the hell you want heck give it to the tank.

Demon Soul

So close so close we don’t actually transform flesh-wise but…we glow with a bloody aura when merged with our felguard. It increases haste by 15% and damage by 10% or something like that, it could be 15% whatever. This has a 2 minute cooldown and when used with Metamorphosis gives you HUGE numbers. Not as huge as a mage though, but for normal people it’s pretty good. Use it with bloodlust or mage rage and you’ll probably be clipping the gcd!

Mage Rage

Time Warp or Time Wrap or Time Whatever shall henceforth be known as Mage Rage. I need to get used to the sound, it doesn’t do the RARARARAARRR like bloodlust but I *think* it goes…*Ding!*


At first I thought “gimmick profession”, but it is actually kinda fun in a boring weird obsessive compulsive way. It’s so casual oriented. Sort of. I mean, they are infusing lore into the game. Say what? That’s great! Truny’s skill is only at 80 so I can’t say much about it except for when I first started I was like “WTF do I do with these scopes how do I look through them???” Apparently they just point you in the general direction in which you are supposed to dig somewhere else, and the color of the light is a distance gauge. DURR.

New Dungeons

Wow, the queues for the new dungeons are FORTY minutes for DPS??? So in good Old Fashioned er fashion, all epic items are ACTUALLY epic so there will be no more Rain of Loots. As most of the action is taking place on Azeroth I believe this represents when the game was only capped at level 60. Purples only come from raids. Fair enough. But it feels kinda weird replacing Nibelung with some random boss dagger o_O!

To run certain dungeons one must have the appropriate “average gear level”, I believe it is like 272 for the first two and yeah I don’t remember I just remember heroic is 329.

Truny being the snob that she is had some trouble reaching that number as she refused to equip green items just to boost her average item level, whatever.

Ok I’m losing track of what this post is about now okay bye!


  1. Brilliant brilliant post!
    Either the warcraft blogs are either just nonsense or elitist to the teeth-grinding horror of math crunching. But you, you just mumble about and present cataclysm in a peculiar and confused way, yet you make sense. Damn good. *Salute*


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