Where Do I Go??

So I *think* I downloaded Cataclysm? I log in and try to queue for the new dungeons as I am probably just going to play this game as per, grind grind grind to end level then max out gear then get bored BUT it said “You do not meet the requirements for this dungeon”.

I have to PHYSICALLY WALK to the entrance? Where are these dungeons? How do I even GET from Dalaran back to the other cities? Will the other cities have a guaranteed spot to travel to these new spots?

You are now thinking “Goddamn it Truny go explore like the good old days!”

Oh right….they changed the maps and we can FLY on earth now!

But, this is just a massive Epeen stroke anyways, I am scared to go back to Orrigigirmmar (spelling) it’ll just be thousands of people afk sitting on their shiny dragons (I am on the zeppelin back as we speak as I just remembered this archaic form of transportation). I will continue to type this as we go.

So apparently to get into Throne of Tides I have to get to Vash’jr, how?? Where’s the instructions? Is it a teleport do I have to unlock the teleport do I have to go to the teleport to unlock it or do I have to unlock it in a chain elsewhere?

Omg I can fly over Undercity now FINALLY now that it is no longer needed, bah!

Ok I will try to get to Origigimmar and look for a starter quest of sorts, everyone who remained on my friend’s list is already 85 how is that possible the game’s been out for a week!?

Ok wait so is all this new dungeon stuff going to blow ICC 25 gears out of the water? One thing I don’t like about coming back is that I still have the tendency to optimize everything, I shall write about my adventures in LOTRO perhaps later D:

Yep OMG I am right I’m not sure what part of Org this is but its filled with AFK dragon mounts GAH! Alright now to find the Archaeology trainer??

Ok wow this is exciting someone in an animated picture frame wants to talk to me, Krogar!

Ok I saw a pretty cutscene….now what??

Ok I trained archaeology and holy crap this is way too much info to read, I’ll just figure it out later.

Whoa wait a minute the daily cata dungeon gives 104K exp?? ….ok then…ok I’m on the boat to Vashjr now.

Budd on the boat, he’s a bucket of fabulous rainbows now isn’t he?? o_O

First quest of the expansion: Collect Starfish for me EFF YOU!!

Bahaha why am I selling vendor trash I forgot we’re rich in this game! Fish Oil -> EFF YOU!

“What’s it got in its pockets” ??? PRECIOUS?? OMG HAHAHA

Ok nothing new and exciting for now I shall just post this LMAO!

Truny the Warlock

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