Next Warlock Slave

You know what I am talking about, ALTS! More specifically previously max level alts with max level useful professions which were levelled solely to fund your main character with their useful products!

Who should I level next? Of course I am lazy so there are only four to choose from.

Klupty: JC and Alchemist Slave. I logged onto him yesterday and realized HOLY CRAP he’s rich! I had about 6,000 gold on Truny which is seriously not even enough to get a couple dozen points in her tailoring profession as materials and gear and everything is expensive up the hoo-ha on our server. Klupty on the other hand is LOADED as he still has control of my old guild vault and all its treasures, which got me thinking “I should level someone else with all this wealth and make some useless junk for Truny!”

Now to level Jewelcrafting I would have to play my hunter who is the only prospecter I have now. Alchemist is fine as Truny had gathered many a herb on her travels through the new Cataclysm zones.

Klupty is a DK, which means I will most likely be melee dpsing. He is already prepared to do Blackrock Caverns and WAS on the way to discover the Throne of Tides but that was when I saw his wallet and hearthed to hit up the auction house. Frost DPS is nice, good AOE, still kinda button spammy which is completely fine with me. The new spells from 81-85 don’t seem THAT exciting, more because they all sound the same to me plague blah blah blah. But I like dual wielding so we shall see.

Turby: The hunter. This was my main remember? He is a fine candidate to level through the new zones next, as I predict that Puppy the what are those dinosaurs called again? Demosaur? No….ah Devilsaur, Puppy the Devilsaur will have 100K hp and can do all the work for him. Also he is a prospector and skinner, yes somehow my hunter became my materials gatherer slave near the end leg of ICC. This could be profitable and I have no gripes about playing my original character again, also the last time I played him in October I remember just having to spam Arcane Shot, which is instant, I like. Also, the new spells from 81-85 are interesting, a shot made for BMs, all traps become launchable, and camouflage! But I’m so used to the Felguard’s Felstorm how shall I AOE DPS?

Turny: The durid. He’s actually level 81 as I wowarmoried him. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN? He is the LW and enchanter of the roster (that’s why Turby became a skinner) and was intended to be my “very useful alt” as he is heal and tank specced. He can quest fine in bear spec but his preferred way to level is through healing/tanking, though he’ll need to gear up a bit more first as his measly 50K HP is now HALF of what my warlock has and probably won’t be able to withstand many hits without mass QQ by the party. Though I do have vague memories of tanking Throne of Tides …hmm. So either its easy to get a group and level fast but I have to use my brain, or questing as a cat. Hmm, not so sure about that one.

Husbrus: My next highest ALT at 78 is Husbrus the priest. She is an enchanter and tailor? I do not remember but I liked the healing style of Discipline Priests. Shield, then spam Smite cause youd’ have nothing else to do for a while, run around and holy nova and use your Angel Wings Thing. However I do not like Shadow Priesting at all, it’s too….weird, dot dot blast shadow lasers, unless the animations have been revamped to give it more oomph. Still leaning towards the hunter. Though the priest has the benefit of the Healer Queue time, which is 15 min, the old DPS queue time. Also she won’t be sad about gear replacement as she never stepped foot into ICC or heck any Wrath heroics, which means at 80 she’ll most likely jump from ilvl 200s to ilvl 295s. Weird!

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