Demonology 4.0.1: More Updates! Yeah I’m Slow!

Remember how I was talking about Demonology AOE, well I missed a VERY important factor to it: The Felguard’s Felstorm.

Felstorm is BEAST. It has a 45 second cooldown, but what it does is it gives your Felguard a nice whirlwind attack that lasts for six seconds, striking everything around it for about 3.5-4.5k every second.

For that six seconds your Felguard will do about 80% of your entire Hellfire’s damage. o_O

It is quite a sight to behold, especially when Meta is popped two crazy demons jumping into the fray destroying everything.

This sure beats standing back casting Rain of Fire, or shall I say Drizzle of Slightly Warm Embers.

I found Felstorm to be nice in single target encounters too, since it gives you an instant burst of damage, and given its 45 second cooldown you could probably only use it once per boss anyways.

In PVP Felstorm is nice, if a rogue stuns you just have your felguard start spinning like a crazy, that’ll really annoy ’em! If they try to run away, use your felguard’s new Axe Toss! (Requires Two Handed Axes apparently)

Other Stuff I found Changed

Yeah so rather than a comprehensive one page entry I am being lazy, slowly discovering things. That’s where the fun is at right?

Soul Shatter: (Finally) reduces threat by 90%, yes NINETY not Fifty (50), to everything around you in 50 yards.


I think actually Soul Shatter was the only thing haha! Though we’ll have fun with our rather reckless aoe everything to the ground style of play, once comes Cata I think we will need to rethink our game-plan. But then again warlocks don’t have any CCs to help the team do we? Fear? Since when was the last time Fear did us any good? Fear and Death Coil are highly selfish CCs, you save yourself but you might have feared the mob into more mobs!

Oh well.

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