Funny Search Terms: 2.0

At least I THINK this is 2.0. Here we go! Oh right so these are the google/search engine terms that get linked to Kluptomania and here are some that I found quite amusing.

1. “hunter or warlock for cataclysm”

In terms of fun-ness damage-ness, playability, pet styles? They are two different animals here. Are you a first time player, current hunter player, warlock, both? o_O

2. “what is gear score for (item) / gear score of (item)”

Why does it matter? You should be looking at the STATS and see how it compares to your CURRENT item in question??

3. “3.3.3 easypeasy “


4. “5 paladins ionar “

A daring video venture? Five paladins one ionar? Poor Ionar….so many hands all over you……

5 “best warlock heroic gear talents 3.3.3 “

Gear doesn’t give you talents. Or skill.

6. “brown s&m mask”

Well, if you would like to see a digital animated version on an avatar, please feel free to buy WOTLK and acquire any non-raid cloth helm in Northrend. Thanks.

7. “does the shriveled heart ever drop anymore”

A question asked by millions I am sure.

8. “felguard “cleave off””

Right click it. Thanks.

9. “(dungeon) gearscore”

Dungeons don’t have gearscores, the stuff that drops from them sort of do. I don’t know I like to base it on ilvls. Whatever.

10. “hate rating shadowbolt”

I’m sure Shadowbolt infuses more hate than Incinerate, but less hate than Bane of Doom!

11. “i rolled a 2 for the nibelung”

We all know that feeling LMAO

12. “level 76 warlock gear score”

Why do you even care for gearscore at level 76 just play the goddamn game!

13. “pig-giant swirls squishies rare”

I don’t uhh…ok?

14. “stop attacking darnavan!”

STOP attacking him he’s for the QUEST that everyone picked up jeez!

15. “ultimate demonology warlock gear 3.3.5”

So dramatic!

16. “why would a priest roll on shriveled heart”

I am guessing the priest WON the roll. Cause it’s one of the best offhands that is easily obtainable!

17. “woven her pants leggings”

Oh so close. Leggings of Woven Death?

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