Demonology 4.0.1: Continued!

There has been this glitchy going around where our damage and heals done to others during instances do NOT show on the screen.

That is a lie, it actually shows but your camera has to be at an obscure angle, and only then the numbers display slantedly.

This was quite frustrating for a DPS class, we need to know how much impact each spell is doing to see if its worth casting anymore, especially after so much CHANGE!

Our AOE: Spec into moving Hellfire. THIS is your new AOE if you are a Demonologist. Again, make sure you are the bestest friends with the healer, make a great big show about putting a soulstone on them or something like that!

See, I do not read tooltips. At first I was trying to use Seed of Corruption spam, which pulled in a good 15k before, but something felt odd. “Can only be applied to one target at a time”. So what you COULD do is just keep casting it on one target and having it explode. This is now weak sauce as you can not “chain” the explosions, taking advantage of the time-overlap benefit of being able to cast another seed. (That made sense to me so I don’t care)

Hellfire: This ticks for about 1.5k every second for 15 seconds, it doesn’t hit as hard as seed of corruption which can crit for up to 5k (it seems weaker now), but it is a constant aura that you can move and control! That is nice. You also get the benefit of activating the spell INSTANTLY on demand and it ticks right away. Nice.

Hellfire + Demonform + Immolation Aura: This is gross. I have yet to test it on anything to see the destruction this can bring.

“But who cares about DPS in trash”, yeah but think about in a battleground, NOW people will think twice about walking near a giant purple demon!

And you get to run and jump around like a crazy person, just like a resto druid but all while burning your enemies to crispy cinders!

Now the random babbling part:

Ok, so is it just me or is Rain of Fire completely weak and useless now? I swear it used to crit for 5k now it is only critting for 2.5k?? Since I couldn’t see the damage numbers, I had to use a lot of effort to actually click on my name in recount and READ and analyse the numbers…gawd.

Is there a talent that increases its potency in the destruction tree?


Having levelled up another healer, Husbrus the Priest, she’s seen her fair share of warlocks in dungeons. This was pre 4.0.1, but most everything stays the same.

It seems a lot of people are really just using their Felguard to level, but not really paying attention to the priority of their spells and how to optimize their damage while in a dungeon. If you aren’t contributing 100% GTFO, this game’s not about having fun its about mastering your class so you don’t drag everyone behind with your stupidity.

I’ve seen a lot of Demonology Warlocks just sit there they’ll cast their two dots then throw out shadowbolts for the entire fight.

What happened to Molten Core…or Decimation? What happened to the “OMG SEE THAT CRIT?” mentality? Is that all gone? Why WOULDN’T you want to cast a free humungo Soul Fire? Demon Form + Soulfire?

A lot of the time I’m sitting around looking pretty (I’m the healer DUH there’s nothing to do really), and my warlock trained ears will hear a Molten Core proc off the warlock beside me, and I expect to see them cast three incinerates. I watch the screen (cause I am otherwise reading a book or watching the TV behind me).



I don’t care if you don’t care, but …why did you spec into Molten Core to begin with if you’re never going to use it? Did you just find a random build online and copy it? What’s the point you might as well put your talent points into improved corruption since you cast THAT!

You know instead of doing 4.5k dps that fight you could have done 4.52K!! That extra 0.02k could have shaved off an average of 0.0000375 seconds off of the entire dungeon run!

Ok yeah bye!

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