Demonology Warlocks: Patch 4.0.1

Wow, so I come home and realize that the game had been downloading a FIVE gigabyte file! So they were for serious with all the changes!

What great fun is there for 4.0.1? What’s new for us Demo Warlocks?

Well for one, the talent trees have been super dumbed down. We only have 31 talent points to spend! (5 after the expansion!)

But so far, things are looking good!

New Spells/Rotation/Cool Things
Hand of Gul’dan
This was the meteor that I was so excited about, however for now it only does shadow crash looking damage, and leaves a shadow aura for mobs to stand in, which increases our pets critical chance. I thought it was a fire meteor that did shadow damage not a shadow meteor? Oh well! Through the talent tree this spell refreshes our Immolate and I found it hard to get used to casting this extra weird spell and always missing the refresh. It hits hard, up to 22k!This spell is now our single strongest stand alone nuke on a 12 second cooldown. This is of course not true if you were in Decimation mode, spamming Soul Fires.

This spell gets top priority in our list of nukes. I will think of the list as I keep going.

Bane of Doom

Bane of Doom still lasts for one minute, but does a fairly hard hitting tick every 15 seconds. From what I see the tick does about 10-12k damage, and crits for well over 20k! Through our Demonology talent tree, every tick has an increased chance to summon a “Guardian”, or was it “increase the damage done by the guardian”? I don’t know I don’t really read the text.
So far I have seen Ebon Imps spawn and they seem to last for 15 seconds, that is until the next tick of damage of the Bane.
This is nice, an extra 15 second pet, and now Bane has a higher chance of doing damage, rather than expiring before one minute has past!
Yes, talented, we can use this while we WALK! So make sure you are the very bestest friends with the healer! Try to find the most creative places to use this!
Soul Burn/Soul Harvest/Soul Shards
Instant Soulfires. The end. Soul Burn has a 45 second cooldown.
Soul Harvest: EWW, this is the same animation as Evocation, I am sure mages are crying all over as are Warlocks who first tried this spell out and saw EWW EVOCATION. Right, functionality, uhhh this spell regenerates our shards and heals us. Whatever.
Soul Shards: I finally have a free bag! Now to fill it up with random random crap!
Impending Doom
I save the best for last!
THIS is the talent that increases the chance Ebon Imps spawn out of your Bane of Dooms. Remember, Demonologists are the masters of summoning Ebon Imps out of Banes and we all know that!
The great part of this talent is that Shadow Bolt, Hand of Guldan, and Incinerate all have a 15% chance of reducing the cooldown on: METAMORPHOSIS!
Yes, rather than having a static 2.something minutes (talented) cooldown on Metamorphosis, after pew pewing for a while you will see that your Demon Form has refreshed and ready for use!
I actually didn’t notice yesterday when I did a test run on one dungeon. The timing of when Meta is up was pretty ingrained into my Warlocky Patterns but after the first boss fight I looked down to see Metamorphosis was ready again…I thought to myself “wait didn’t I just use it in battle? Or did I forget? No way!”
Try it out on a target dummy, turn into a demon then go through your attacks and you’ll see the cooldown decrease!
Ok Now What
So with all the new changes we would assume our priority rotation is as follows:
Curse of Elements>Bane of Doom>Immolate>Corruption>Hand of Gul’Dan>Shadowbolt until Hand of Gul’dan’s cooldown is up, and wait for Molten Core procs. Prioritize Hand of Gul’dan (damn this spell is too long to type I quit) and cast it everytime it is ready even if you have to stand around for 0.5 seconds waiting for it else you have to recast Immolate anyways!
Hey Look a Video
Yes, as it says I was testing all this new crap out and I thought it was PRETTY AWESOME that we can have multiple pets up, even though it is short lived.
Here Blagroon the Felguard is joined by an Ebon Imp, the new Doomguard (insta cast, lasts for over a minute talented and ten minute cooldown), and a Nibelun Angel of Smiting Goodness! Roooar need more minions!!

I don’t know why my text WON’T CHANGE styles this blogger crap sucks!


  1. I have never been demo on my lock. I love destro with a passion but I was hangin out with a friend of mine who has always been demo. I dual specced her demo/destro went through the rotations on each and… demo outdid my destro. I'm converted.


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