Wait what? What patch?

Apparently patch 4.0.1 is being implemented right as I type this, and you know what? I’m not as excited as say….patch 3.3.3, or whatever that other big change patch was.

So we get to use all the new talent trees that we got to preview earlier?

Annoying. I have eight toons all with dual spec except for my Mage and Shaman (which I am having a very hard time levelling to 30). So to figure ALL those trees out, /ragequit

Chill of the Throne Removed?

What? Why? It’s not like our 85K hp tanks were having any troubles?


Cool. But sounds annoying. I want haste.


Turby doesn’t need to waste bag space carrying ammo. Yes.
Time to go pet hunter, TWENTY pets! You already know what I’m going to do: Collect and name all twenty pets PUPPY. I think I still have a dinosaur called Nejibana, or maybe I abandoned him =(
Focus: Good. I hate mana that’s un-lifetappable.

Death Knights

I refuse to tank in blood presence! It’s so…RED. I think I’ll make my tanking tree a DPS unholy tree now.


What’s Eclipse?


Teleport? I’m seriously too lazy to find the reagant master on my mage. She only has normal mount which is SO slow I just leave her in place and log out.


Resource bar? Holy Meter? Ok.


New spell fly-out thingy. Good, saves me slots on my action bar to put my non combat pets LMAO
Soul Shards are officially gone. Finally. Extra bag!

That’s about it. I still don’t think I like how gear is being itemized in Cataclysm. It reminds me of all the USELESS green items we find +99 STR. +77 SPIRIT.

Is it really making things simpler? Is our current system really that complicated?

Say you found a staff that gives:

+105 INT
+150 STAM

+105 HASTE
+100 CRIT

Three Sockets

Just from looking at the stats you know that the INT is going to add to your mana pool, increase your crit by a little bit.

The STAM will add stamina. DUH.

The Spirit will increase your mana regen but also 40% of it will go into your spellpower.

The additional stats are pretty obvious.

Why do we need to condense all this in Cataclysm to:

+650 INT

Isn’t that even more confusing and vague? What does this INT stat comprise itself of? It’s a neat little package but its less transparent, see what I’m saying?

So in the future, the higher the INT and Mastery the better? Isn’t that a bit boring?

Oh I have another question: Are all the gear in Cataclysm going to be BROWN (or varying shades of it), just like when we were levelling the first 10 levels and first three tiers of Northrend?

However, I did see some spoiler footage of Cata dungeon runs and they do look satisfyingly difficult, rather un-face-rollable, and requires everyone know how to manage their class….even on trash mobs! Though in that video the mage had 75K HP so….hmm……

Are there going to be SM Masks? Rusty swords? Are those days over?

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