Brewfest Over: "Quitting" Again

Not that anyone cares that I am “quitting” again, nor should Blizzard care that I am “quitting”, they still have million and millions of subscribers and ALSO, when I don’t play I just don’t play it’s not as if I took the effort to go ALL the way into my account settings and took the effort to click “Unsubscribe”, remember, I’m too lazy for that.

Now that Brewfest is over, again I find there is absolutely no point in logging into any of my level 80s. The daily 20 minutes of kthxbaicorenlols is no more. Not until next year. I want that RAM. Who doesn’t want to ride on a freakin ‘ram that BAA’s? OMG! So of the 10 or so days, over 4 toons a day so 40 times getting that Keg thingamajigger I have received:

1. Countless frost badges. Extra good because it took about 15 seconds of effort.
2. Three Tankard of Terrors. Whatever.
3. Four Direbrew Remotes. Truny has two.
4. A Kodo, which Turny ALREADY had. What a waste throwing it away.

No RAM! But that’s ok, my alliance hunter has a Ram mount. As long as its there.

So about these Frost Badges and Restoration Druiding.

Why? The two piece bonus is nice, wild growth heals more always. But the four piece…meh, why would I want rejuv to randomly jump to someone, when if I saw them take damage I would cast rejuv on them ANYWAYS?

Sure it’d be really nice to know that someone had it, but even so, most of our natural reflex is to hit rejuv FIRST then swiftmend. Unless this is intended for druids to play at an even higher level! In that case, make the Rejuv jump more often. Laame and fat!

I’ve hoarded enough Frost Badges for the T10, either Restoration or Bear for Turny but at this point I don’t feel its needed.

Anyways, I’ll be back bitching and complaining and rejoicing over random stupid stuff for Hallow’s End I guess.


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