Truny’s Warlock Tips: Festergut

Let’s continue with the Plagueworks shall we?

There is a whole preamble of trash that your party can have fun facerolling through, including two dogs, Precious and Fluffy? I seriously don’t remember or care.

Festergut aka Festerloots is on the left side of the hallway which allows you to either engage him or Rotface. Once both of them are dead you may go and murder Professor Putricide.

What does he do??: Essentially, the battlefield is covered in gas which does damage overtime based on the density of the gas. This fight is mainly a cycle of high raid damage and low tank damage, to high tank damage (healers be on your toes), to low low raid damage. Wait say what? Density? Well, Festerloots will inhale 25% of the gas, up to three times. Each time he inhales the gas it will do less damage to the raid. But makes him hit the tank harder.

So what? Nothing really, use your Shadow Ward warlocks! The gas does shadow damage!

Spread out 8 yards please. He will also make random ranged people PUKE, incapacitating them for 6 seconds and doing damage to them. You can’t do anything about it. But SPREAD OUT because anyone else hit by the puke will also become incapacitated and puke, and this cause a raid wipe if someone gets too close to the tank.

After he has absorbed all the gas, he will then expunge it all doing enormous damage to the entire raid something like a billion damage. Use your shadow ward here.

Wait what a billion? Well no, but it’s a lot. And here is where the next key element of this fight comes in.

Spores spawn on random party members. DBM will helpfully mark spored peoples. What these spores do is that after a certain duration of time, they will EXPLODE and (de)buff anyone caught in the explosion with a shadow resistance buff, which stacks 3 times.

WARLOCKS: When you enter the room, drop your Green Teleporty Fun Thing. This will be the gather point for ranged people. So while everyone is doing their thing, when the spores spawn, you can instantly teleport to the gathering point to get the shadow buff and continue pew pewing.

Be aware, one person with the spore should be in to cover the ranged asses, and another should run into melee if it doesn’t spawn in melee.

The cycle repeats after three spores have spawned, hopefully everyone has three stacks. Then he’ll do his giant gas release, but don’t worry cause the shadow buff will save you. Use your Shadow Ward again, you’ll probably take 0 damage.

Metamorphosis: You should be able to use this cooldown right at the beginning of the fight, and once again when he’s in Decimation mode depending on raid DPS. If not, save it for the latter half to beat his enrage!

TL;DR: Cause I sure as hell didn’t read all that.

1. Use your Demonic Circle as the ranged meeting point for spores. This saves YOU time. And if YOU have the spore you can just teleport and make the OTHER person go into melee.

2. Use Shadow Ward. Every cooldown you see, just do it!

3. Spread out!

Now What: Ok go loot him, thanks.

Truny the Warlock

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