Not This Gong-Show Again!

You know how after you’ve gotten all your gear, having ran X dungeon so many times, you never feel the urge to go back..ever? It’s kind of like the end-game rut, but not end game? Yeah, think TOC 5 woman *shudder*

Remember when Truny was running Heroic Halls of Reflection like it was going out of style all for Shriveled Heart? Oh the amount of search engine results this blog got for that one item, well HA here’s another entry for it LMAO!

I just remembered that Turny also picked up Midnight Sun yesterday and what other offhand is better for it than the easily (UH HUH) obtainable Shriveled Heart?? Yes I get to heal for a purpose again! I purchased the ilvl200 Handbook of Obscure Remedies to fill in for it, since the dagger itself is 120 spellpower stronger than Perdition, but without many other stats, but that’s okay!

Turny the Stabbity Stab Again in Your Ass

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