Brewfest! and Updates..

It’s a sad week, I realized Truny missed the Pirate Day thing, hence she won’t have the achievement for the violet thing next year. However, I did do the annoying little brewfest events and got her the Brewmaster title. I’m still running the daily Coren Direbrew Keg Lotto everyday on all the four characters that are 80, usually this takes 20 minutes total.

Log in. Queue, kill. Leave group log out and switch.

So far I have got two of those Tankard of Thingers, maybe I will save them for Shinjen my shaman, if she ever goes enhance and needed tankards? Who knows, they are only worth 80G on the auction house now.

What else has been new lately? Nothing. I’ve been randomly playing my other toons on and off, hrmmm, this is what happened over the span of about…2 hours.

Truby the paladin went from 48 to 50.

Paladins are the crazy shit and are so OP right now. Yeah I’m talking about retribution. Even though it is faster, like insta-queue faster to get into a dungeon as a tank I am still queuing as RETLOL just cause it’s so OMFGDIE!

But the cooldowns are really weird, and if one mob dies and everything is on cooldown, and when I switch to another mob I have to right click to begin attacking which is SUPER annoying so I put the auto-attack button back on my bar, along with divine wrath vengeance holy hand of righteous hammer whatever the hell all these abilities are.

I think I could have prevented a group wipe if I could fuggin’ tell the effen difference between all the freakin different shields paladins have, oh wait do I have divine shield, or wait is that power word shield oh no wait wrong class, oh shit why does cleanse have the same icon as renew, oh crap where’s the ability called “PALLY BUBBLE” what the hell is the REAL name for that anyways? What’s with all the text after all these abilities like I can’t use it within 30 seconds of some holy avenging something and not during some other righteous something or other wtf wtf?? I just wanted to use that thing you know that some people have cast on me before where I went completely immune to everything for 3 minutes and the paladin suicided do I even have that yet? Can I cast that thing bound to my ‘9’ key on other people?

Why was I even trying to be helpful I should just stick to: Consecrate, hammer thing that when you hit you get hp back, crusader strike, use exorcism if that yellow icon has procced, which I *think* is the exact same icon as prayer of mending, then use the thing that procs when the mob is at 20% or below I think its’ called Hammer of DIE NOW! I watch that like a hawk, like kill shot! And of course that shield looking ability that taunts and does damage when stuff is at low health. But who cares if you taunted paladins don’t die!

And buffing other people. Fuck off! Go buff yourself, we’re not doing heroic icc we don’t really NEED to. Everything can get kings cause its the only one I recognize and its bound to my ‘8’ key. I give myself the hand one.

Ok what else, oh yes then I make sure my Seal of Red One is on, and not all the other seals which are scattered all around my keybinds. The red one procs all sorts of crazy damage.

Druny the Mage is 25, from 24…

Playing at 25 means you will go out of goddamn mana every single fuckin’ pull. I respecced to fire, because almost NO ONE is fire nowadays except for this one amazing mage I saw while on my paladin who pulled 530 dps at level 50 by using all these aoes, he seriously had like 10 aoes going on!

But at 25, I should have reset my expectations.

Flamestrike, Blizzard, OOM. Shit. And stuff is still alive! Do I still use frostbolt if fire specced? I spent an entire rfk just trying to see what the optimal rotation was. Yes at 25 and already worrying about this stuff. It wasn’t fun.

Do I use scorch? It’s “Improved”, but its so weak! Or do I use fireball? which takes like 2 minutes to cast? Pyroblast? That takes 20 minutes to cast, and isn’t THAT much stronger?

Druny can stay at 25 for a bit longer.

Shinjen the Shaman went from 18-23

I have always thought the idea of a shaman was excellent, great, delicious. What spell is more awesomer than chain lightning?

I actually bought the wrong BOA stuff for her. I got her the SP Leather, and then later I realized OH SHIT Shamans wear mail, oh well she used to wear the cloth set so yeah ok bye.

Healing as a shaman pre level 20 is a joke. Why? Because the only spell you get is HEALING WAVE. Yes the big heal. Why do we start with the big heals?

Good thing one shadowfang keep run got Shinjen to 20. The pulls were like this:

Tank gets mobs, I’d have to start casting BEFORE he pulls or else the 52 second cast time of Healing Wave won’t make it and he’ll die. Luckily it refillls half his HP.

Once she hit 20 and got LESSER Healing Wave things started to be more “normal”, and less mana intensive. Along with healing stream totem.

Oh yeah, totems. What the hell? Why are there SO many earth totems? Stoneskin, stoneclaw, strength of earth, strength of skin, grounding, tremor, Earthbind, earthskin, say what?

I was pretending to be an optimal shaman and wanted to use the optimal totem on each pull, but our party DIED because by the time I read and understood the functionability of each and every ground totem everyone had already died and the mobs were running to me!

After that I just clicked on whatever totem I used last, one of the yellow ones.

Runy the Rogue….didn’t change.

I had a lot of fun pvp’ing with Runy. Last year. In the 50s bracket, where subtlety attacks could one shot casters, annoying the hell out of them!

Outlands was okay, I’m not sure how I managed to get him to 70.

Then I went to Northrend.

Some of the initial quests are: Go kill a wolf.


Engage combat. Miss miss miss hit hit hit hit hit hit 5 combo points. Eviscerate. 1k. My own hp is at half. Hit hit hit hit miss miss miss. Stun. Bandage. Hit hit hit hit hit. Battle over. One wolf down.


So I should use evasion on every pull?

No no calm down, rogues are for the stealths. Ok so I go Subtlety mode. Ambush. 2k crit. Oh crap its not dead. Hit hit hit hit hit hit miss miss miss miss miss miss. Forget it!

Being a dps whore, running the random dungeons was no fun either. Other than Killing spree, I’m just spamming two buttons. Which is no fun as half the time they don’t land!

Runy can stay 70 for another year, that was a fun 15 minutes.

Husbrus the Priest is still 73.

I did TWO quests upon arriving in Northland, since Husbrus is shadowspec, I found her MUCH more efficient and ABLE to do quests than say, my ROGUE. 3 GCDs mobs are dead, rather than the 20 or so GCDs for the rogue. After that it took too much effort to walk from Warsong hold to the shore, so I just started healing and healing and healing. So that’ll be the story for her, heal to 80.

Turny the Druid can Lifetap. This was not part of that 2 hours of alt-fun.

I just logged on to queue for Coren Direbrew, because he has free frosts, and its faster than running an entire dungeon for those frosts, yeah I’m getting lazy usually I’d do both for 4 but…meh we don’t need that stuff anymore right?

So I logged in at my usual spot by the bank, and the person I had inadvertantly clicked on had my old guild member targetted. I decided to visit. I was invited to the group, and I thought they were doing the weekly, instead we ended up doing ICC 10, clearing 10 bosses easily (except a couple shots at Green Dragon Heals Thing) as a PUG.

Turny picked up a nice Lifetap Upgrade, which I put on the same button as Truny’s lifetap. Also, is the buff in the raid at its max now? Cause everyone had 30K+ health? How could anyone die to begin with??

Ok goodbye.

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