How Classy of You to Join Us

(At an upscale men’s clothing store in Hong Kong. Note that Klupty and Momo were the only two in the store, along with the single employee who was helping us try on various pieces. In comes this couple. They proceed to randomly choose items from all over the store, making a big deal out of choosing a lot.)

Husband: “Yeah these look nice, I’ll take it”, as he grabs an assortment of plain dress shirts. (They are about $1,200-$2,000 HKD each for reference.)

Wife: “How about these ties”, holding up a random bunch of ties, green, brown, pink.

Husband: “Yeah, just get them all”

(This goes on for a good ten minutes until they are ready to pay)

Employee: “Sir would you like to try those on, we have a no return policy here.”

Husband: “No, whatever I’ll just bring them home and worry about it then, I’m a really busy man you know!”, he proclaims loudly.

Wife: “Hey what about these shirts? The colors are so nice!”, she’s looking at the pile near the register.

Husband: “Yeah throw some of those on too”. (They were the slim cuts and he was probably 180+ lbs)

Employee: “Thank you your total will be $32,240.00”

Couple: *Pays and leaves in a flourish*

Us: *Standing in shock and horror*

Employee: “Haha don’t worry, I know probably only those ties would have fit him, I hate people like that, let him waste his money!”

P.S. OOPS I posted this in the wrong blog LMAO completely not WoW related but whatever enjoy!

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