The Original Klupty – Returns from Manhattan

Oh right I never even stated I had left. Whatever.

If you can remember correctly, Truny is a bastardization of Turby which is actually the name of Klupty’s dog.

Who’s Klupty?

That was my original alias for online everythings. Yeah go ahead and try googling “Klupty” you’ll see references to MapleStory (lmao) and probably some of my old abandoned blogs.

When I made my first hunter I tried to be creative, so I named him Turby the dog instead of using Klupty, the original name.

Klupty ended up as my DK, the JC/Alchemy Slave we all love.

That is no more.

I made an Alliance character, a hunter, named Klupty. His trusty dog (but actually Bear) Turby has been by his side for 20 levels now. Yes, he is level 30.

Starting from scratch again is fun. No money, no help, no heirlooms. However I play this “fresh” hunter with such vigor that not even warrior tanks can keep up with his damage in dungeons. Yeah its that crazy. Have you seen a new character kite, offtank, and dps and live to tell the story like Klupty? Probably not. And you probably wouldn’t care or appreciate it as a fellow newbie.

For this new character I am doing everything my original hunter ought to have done.

Such as actually work on professions like Cooking, Fishing, and that other one with band-aids.

He is a skinner, and leatherworker, self sufficient, with a small wealth amassed at 30 gold currently.

Another reason to start an ally hunter was to see some of the starter zones before they got flooded, just to experience the original stuffs yes.

Aaand yeah so I like totally lost my train of thought so BAI!!

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