Oh my god shouldn’t have looked!

Warlocks deep in the demonology tree can summon a freakin meteor?? It’s a Not Yet Implemented ability but how effen cool would that be? It’s like summoning the Infernal and the coolest part was actually the meteor he arrives in that goes KABOOM and burns everything!

I took a look at some of the tailored items we can make, item level 359?? It’s just a blue item but its 100 points over ICC 25 items and where’s the spell power? 355 int and 522 stamina, that’s more stamina than most tanks have from all their gear in T8?

OH YEAAH cause Spellpower is being removed, this is gonna be complicated, yeah not dumbed down now INT constitutes all our attributes except haste and hit? What? How much spellpower is 1 INT I need to know RIGHT NOW!

Rawwr look at all the new dungeons, I love new dungeons and will run them until I get all the loot I need out of them then never go to them again! I need to know RIGHT NOW what every boss drops and which dungeon I will be running to get which item and then never run it again because we’re sick and tired of this!

Wait where’s Shadowfang Keep?

Skywall? How are we supposed to acronymize that? LFM H S? Just S? What?

We have ToT, HoO o.O, GB oh wait what Grim Batol WOOT that giant mysterious building!, TS, the stonecore (ok putting “The” in front of it is in bad taste), Blackrock Caverns, bc? Burning Crusade? That’ll never get any customers.

Remember when TOC 5 man dungeon came out we’d try to balance our parties with all different classes because of all the good loot? Oh jeez.

Raawr ok actually I’m going to stop looking at all this tentative info and just enjoy it slowly via exploration.


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