Lootlicious Day

When I got really bored one day so many months back and spent most of my gold on a battered hilt for my Warlock, she officially became my main character and the rest of my toons just sat around casually doing dungeons and the occasional raid to gear up.

Turby. The hunter. Still remember him and his quest for the Pit of Saron crossbow?

Well, he was very much the loot-whore yesterday being super undergeared but still pulling his weight floating at the mid 5k dps range. Essentially before we needed a third healer, which is Turny the Restless tree, each of the first five encounters dropped a significant upgrade for Turby!

Isn’t that gross? An entire dual-wield set of Axes, which both look the same, a new BOW, two rings, one from rep, and a necklace! Gross!! It’s still sad how Truny can still do triple Turby’s damage output….for now!
Turby the Huntard

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