Truny’s Warlock Tips: Deathbringer Saurfang

Deathbringer Saurfang aka Deathbringer Lootfang is the final boss of the lower spire in Icecrown Citadel.

He does…stuff and the tanks have to do something up on the stairs and throughout the battle he will summon Blood Beasts.

What do we do? Set up a summoning portal near the back of the room just in case. You’ll know why. Turn your felguard’s cleave off. SPREAD OUT.

Why? This boss is essentially a tank and spank with some adds killing. When the blood beasts spawn, all ranged dps will switch to them. Two spawn in 10-man and four spawn in 25-man. When blood beasts hit anyone, it means bad things so don’t get hit. I’m not getting technical or even mentioning what abilities it triggers, just make sure no one gets hit from them, or at least reduce the frequency of them melee’ing anyone. This is why our Felguard’s cleave is turned off, in case they catch the attention of a blood beast and starts stacking nasty buffs onto the boss.

This is why we have a summoning stone. Just in case. When the blood beasts spawn, switch your dps to them and once they begin to aggro you or anyone else, send your Felguard onto it, which will trigger the Felguard’s “charge”, which stuns the beast for three/four seconds (I forget ok). Usually the beast will be downed by now. Then switch back to Saurfang.

The reason we spread out for this fight is because Saurfang has some ability that does damage. (DUH LMAO). Well, the more people stacked together, the more damage it does OBVIOUSLY, and this also buffs the boss. Spread out! These are just tips, not entire raid strategies to down him jeez! I believe it is 12 yards for this fight.

IF the blood beasts still are not dead after being stunned/rooted and are coming towards you then you can use your portal YAY!

Alternative Method: HOWEVER, you can choose to NOT kill the blood beasts and just focus on Saurfang. This way your DPS will be maximized since switching wastes global cooldowns and after the fight you can link your l33t d33ps to emphasize your large penis or sexy breasts.

Truny the Warlock

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