Husbrus Say What?

Dun dun dun it’s been decided Truny’s next project is to fund Husbrus all the way to 80!

Who is Husbrus Again?

My priest! I’ve been healing as a discipline priest on Husbrus and she is already 61 as we speak!

Oh the fun times traversing through RLFG (or whatever that group random thinger is called).

We’re had our good-but-are-asshole tanks. We’ve had our bad-just-looking-to-wipe-everyone-tanks. However most tanks nowadays are competent, along with most DPS……it’s really really weird and boring!

I don’t know, but I think I like discipling healing more than I like restoration druid healing…I think.

I think I am so used to Power Word Shield, cause you just set it and forget it (well not really, I watch for it to disappear, and watch DoTimer for Weakened Soul to fade), I still cast Renew because of the inner druid in me, though I think this spell is used by Holy Priests more??

Then there’s Holy nova! I can heal and damage at the same time OMFG! And I can jump around like a crazy while doing so! Double points!

The use of flash heal is…meh still iffy it’s…..too slow! With the talent Borrowed Time, it takes 1.1 seconds to cast WTF?

Though I do miss swiftmend and wildgrowth, it’s obvious those used to spamming wild growth for no goddamn reason will spam Holy Nova for no goddamn reason as well!

I’m straying off topic again, as usual.

Hitting level 60 also means a new spell: Penance.

Penance is so cool.

It’s so strong. 1.7k healing crits per FWOP = ~5-6K potential heals, 3k minimum all for roughly the same mana cost as flash heal!

Talented, the cooldown is 8 seconds, much more accessible than swiftmend!

Oh I have a question. This stresses me out. Why do priests have so many effing heals?

Heal, Lesser Heal, Greater Heal, Flash Heal.

What the hell is just “Heal”, and “Lesser Heal”, why do they still have these spells..don’t they go something like this:

Heal: Heal 500 for 300 mana 2 seconds.
Lesser Heal: Heal 100 for 200 mana 1.5 seconds
Greater Heal: Heal 2000 for 400 mana 2.5 seconds
Flash Heal: Heal 1000 for 200 mana 1.5 seconds. WTF this just made the first two spells obsolete WTF WTF??

Why does the game start us off with the most useless healing spells? Think starting off with HEALING TOUCH as a druid (LOLOLOLOLOL)

But yeah, Penance is cool. Dot dot dot.

My plan is to obtain the “dungeon” set for casters and socket ’em with epic gems, since Klupty had dozens and dozens of rubies laying around for when Truny used to upgrade her equipment like it was raining ’em back in the ICC gear days.

Spoiled Priest

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