Truny’s Warlock Tips: Lord Marrowgar

Lord Marrowgar aka Marrowloots, is the first boss encounter in ICC. His difficulty level is akin to Koralon the Flame Watcher in Vault of Archavon. Essentially the mobs leading up to him are more difficult than the actual boss.

Why even bother posting “tips” on this guy? Well to satisfy my need for a sequential guide this boss just so happens to be the first “boss”.

What this boss does: In short, he’ll shoot straight lines of blue fire away from his body in any direction. Stay out of them. He’ll also cast “Bone Spike Graveyard”, which impales raid members and deals damage to them, KILL THESE ASAP OR YOUR FRIEND WILL DIE A PAINFUL IMPALED DEATH. Every so often he’ll go spin around doing minor raid damage to everyone and shoot four lines of flame in four directions like an X. He’ll stop doing this spinning and return to attacking the tanks.

What to look out for: Flames. Stay out of them. When he’s not spinning, everyone but hunters should be standing in his hit-box so no one has to worry about getting flamed. The flames obviously start their trajectory from right outside of his hit box. When someone’s impaled by his Bone Spike Graveyard, SWITCH TO KILL THE SPIKE NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR DPS ALSO THERE IS AN ACHIEVEMENT FOR KILLING THEM FAST. When he starts to spin around, if you have Destructive Reach you can first dot him back up then continue to spam your destruction spells. Side step to avoid any flame.

!!: When he stops spinning, he’ll go back to shooting the single flames and casting his Bone Spike Graveyards. Your tanks will (hopefully) reposition him and now you make sure to watch where your pet is, because your pet will be attacking his ASS and that’s where you want to be since he has a very painful frontal cleave. It’s kind of hard to tell which is his face or which is his ass because he has so many faces/asses all made of bone!

His ass!

Now what? Uh, you won! Go loot him.

Truny the Warlock

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