Truny’s Warlock Tips: Lady Deathwhisper

Lady Deathwhisper aka Lady Lootwhisper is the second encounter in Icecrown Citadel. Yet again the lower spire consists of pretty brainless fights.

Quick and Dirty: She starts off with a mana-shield which mostly ranged dps will have to nuke down. When this shield wears off you can finally kill her via depleting her HP.

While her mana-shield is up, mobs will spawn on the sides of the room. In 25 man, this will be both sides, in 10 man this will be one side.

Warlocks: You are ranged DPS. Ranged DPS kill the FANATICS. Essentially when the mobs are about to spawn warning goes off I tab around and look for the letter F. Yes you can make a macro but come on don’t be lazy.

I’m not sure what the other ones are as I don’t pay attention to them.

When all the FANATICS are dead, go back to pew pew Deathwhisper’s shield. Make sure not to kill the shield while mobs are spawning as this triggers phase 2!

Her Attacks: Throughout the mana-shield phase she’ll spam shadowbolts onto random people. Use your shadow ward.

She will also cast Death and Decays on random areas of the room. They are HUGE and green. Stay the fuck out of them. Thanks.

Make sure that the raid times the mob waves and the demise of her mana-shield so you don’t get messed up when transitioning to the second phase.

SECOND PHASE: When her mana-shield is depleted your tanks will pick her up. And now she will start casting frostbolts all over the damn place. Ignore them and keep pew pewing. She will also continue to cast death and decays. Dodge them and continue pew pewing. Watch your threat as she’ll make tanks “insignificant”, so save your soulshatter when your threat, and it probably will, sky-rocket to 75%+ really quickly.

Also, remember those little ghosties that spawn in Sunken Temple, or in one of the very annoying Auchinduon instances?

No? Well essentially these spirit/ghost thingers will spawn and randomly attack random people. You can’t target them, and you can only run away from them.

If you see those and if they are floating towards you: RUN THE FUCK AWAY! They melee for around 15k and WILL kill you if you don’t move away.

Think of it this way: If you don’t move away and die, then your DPS sucks and if your dps sucks then your penis/vagina is small. Motivation enough for you? And your gearscore decreases by 500, which has certain negative implications. Whatever.

Ok go loot her.

Truny the Lootwhisperer

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