Truny’s Outdated: Muradin’s Spyglass

Yeah, it’s taken me THIS long to actually win a roll on anything, and specifically this trinket. I am too lazy to open up wowhead and type in the htlm code so what this trinket does is:

Location: Loot Ship
Equip:+131 crit (2.85%)
Equip: Each time you deal spell damage you gain 18 spellpower, stacking up to ten times and lasts for ten seconds.

Essentially for warlocks this is a 131 crit, 180 spellpower trinket.

You gain a buff that looks like it would be gained from gathering herbs, it has a very herbal look to the icon (err), and it starts to stack the instant any of your spells deals damage to anything. Even critters. Even to yourself.

As long as you continue to deal damage, this buff will never fall off. It will continually be stuck at the ten/nine second mark.

Great job.

I finally replaced the Abyssal Rune. Poor thing. It had a nice chunk of haste and the 590 spellpower proc was nice. But having a constant 180 spellpower is more reliable. No internal cooldowns. Constant.

But the most important part of this post is that I actually ROLLED for this and won. By one point! WHAAAAT?

Truny the Spyglass

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