Ok what the hell?

So first of all how are warlocks supposed to solo level 83 bosses when they are the last person standing because of soul-link when we don’t have:

A. Plate armor. What the hell?
B. Shields. Basic defense baby!
C. Self heals. I don’t mean soulstones, but actual real heals like rejuv, and swiftmend. We have spell-power-magicks why can’t we heal ourselves?
D. Multiple pets that can tank? Sure the felguard or blueberry can take a few hits but they don’t wear plate, or have shields.
E. Insta-cast spells. Okay so we do have a few but they are not strong. What the hell is this?

I know I haven’t been on lately, the most Truny has been doing is the [Something Magical Books Scattered Around Dalaran Read Them When They Spawn] achievement, I’d log in for 20 min, run around the city a few times. I’ve dumped running the “random” for frosties, no more use for frost badges how sad is that?

Gold? Klupty is having a lot of fun transmuting cardinal rubies, enough said. I did spend a majority of my fortune on a cape and a upgrade-your-t10-to-ilvl-264 thinger a few weeks ago but I’m already back up to about 6k.

Achievements? Well, I did become Horde Ambassador, currently working on Crusader? But, that’s if I will myself to not log-off within being on for ten minutes. I was actually working on hitting Exalted with the Cenarion Circle in Silithus doing old school quests. I’m past honored and perhaps I shall fly back there one day.

Raids? Boring. I got my first actual 10k dps recording on a single boss fight but whoopdee doo it was only Festergut, teleporting in and out timing with the spores. And it was on a 25 person raid anyways not like it was a 100 person raid super hard mode. But still yeah don’t mages do like 52k dps? Yeah no point, as long as we downed him and auctioned off his rather crappy loot.

And yeah ok bye.

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