So Nibelung, the staff that almost always drops off of Lady Lootwhisper. As a saavy caster what is the first thing you notice other than its On Equip effect?

It has no stats other than Spellpower!

The first time I saw this staff drop, I rolled on it casually, since losing my MH and OH items would be a huge hit in haste and HIT. It was then I got thinking “hmm, how useful are these fairies that get summoned?”

The second I saw it, I didn’t roll for it.

The third time was in a GDKP. I bought it for 4,000 gold? Good deal! Maybe it was 3,500 I forget.

So this no stats thing. It’s a solid hunk of ilvl 264 grade spellpower. It wasn’t until I received a whole spattering of other upgrades, such as the ICC 25 rings and necklaces which boosted my haste and hit high enough that I don’t care for it much more (I lie, I still like haste), this Staff really shines.

Why? Because the “Magical Angels of Smiting Goodness” (that’s what I call them anyway) that spawn off of your spells are mighty fun and useful. It looks like they have a 2% chance to spawn on your cast of each damaging spell, and for each tick of your dots. Lifetap and other supplementary spells don’t count of course.

Magical Angels of Smiting Goodness. These are also known as Valky’r Guardians. They have 12,500 health (right?) and deal a fast cast smite for 1,500 critting for 2,700 ish sometimes for 30 seconds.

For their time spawned, they will do 800-1000 dps. Or about 30k damage over 30 seconds. Sort of.

So if you engage in combat with a mob, and a Magical Angel of Smitey Death spawns at the same time and the mob dies in exactly 30 seconds your dps would be 800 higher.

In a raid overall of course, they will not boost your damage by 800 dps since they are not active all the time (which would be awesome).

This staff also makes solo’ing BC dungeons more interesting. My felguard will pull, and if an angel is up they will just two-beast/angel/valkyr/man/woman the mobs down while I wand of rain of fire to take credit for loot.

More than one can spawn. The most I have seen is 3 and it is completely random. Seeing two usually warrants that I am spamming Soul Seed (oh my god what is that spell called again?) or Rain of Fire. Having 3 is pretty snazzy as for that 30 seconds its +2400 dps. Again, given the entire fight lasts 30 seconds and they are all “used up”.

I still remember WAY back when, looking up Lootwhisper’s loot-table and going “Whoa, that staff is too pro for me”. And I bought it with gold. How sad and or interesting is that? Well, not that I would ever, EVER win a roll but still. How odd.

Truny the Magical Angel Smiter User

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