Truny the Warlock on: Tanking Prince Keleseth in Blood Council

Sweet Revenge! I had failed to aggro an extra cloud two days ago and got one-shotted and everyone wiped grr!

Oh wait what is this? This is the Blood Prince Council in ICC. Blah blah blah if you want the full fight mechanics go somewhere else blah blah.

Prince Keleseth. If your group decides on a ranged tank and you are that ranged tank, pay attention.

1. Pull Initial Aggro on Keleseth to get him off the other tanks pulling the other two princes. Use a shadowbolt or searing pain, anything until he starts firing at you.

2. You don’t really need to spec or wear anything special since the only time you will be taking damage (hopefully) will be the first 30 seconds or LESS of the fight. Aka the initial pull before you grab Dark Nuclei. I went in with about 30k hp raid buffed, and that’s normal (which is kinda weird..)

3. Dark Nuclei. They spawn all over the room and they aggro whoever hits them last. You will see them attach to another raid member but using a low level Curse of Agony will pull them onto you since each tick of damage will “stick” them to you, and Curse of Agony is nice because its an instant cast, you can cast it while not facing, and it lasts a very long time. Using a low level CoA is just a safety buffer but the whole point of being the ranged tank is to continue to collect Dark Nuclei anyways because they slowly die out so try to aim for FIVE so if one dies you will have four on you which is a good amount to mitigate Keleseth’s Empowered Shadow Lance (or whatever the hell its called).

4. Why? Dark Nuclei give you a stacking (multiplicative) buff which decreases the shadow damage you take by 35%. Having them on you gives you a small stream of constant damage but that’s ok, it can be healed through. His empowered shadow lance does like 90k damage unmitigated!

That’s the easy part. Duh you have to run around grabbing nuclei. What else?

5. Try to run around the outside edges of the room and stay away from other people since this other prince has an AOE knockback that does damage to everyone. Just….keep your distance. After you COA a Nuclei, just stop and spam some Searing Pains on him while looking for the next one.

6. Problems with aggro? Problems with maintaining aggro and collecting Nuclei? Setup a macro. You can either shadowbolt him to trigger Decimate and spam Soulfire under a macro that goes “/tar prince kel”, so you can stand still and zoom your camera around looking for nuclei while spamming spells on him. I used Searing pain since it was quicker and I just wanted a reason to use searing pain. I think by the time he was enraged my threat was at 160,000 so it was just a matter of running around grabbing more nuclei before the ones on me expired and occasionally stopping and spamming my searing pain macro.

7. What else? Those kinetic bombs that drop to the ground? If you see them, heck throw that CoA on it as well, its instant so might as well help out!

8. Having a Felhunter out to reduce 10% spell damage is helpful. Soul-Link it.

9. Use Shadow Ward when its off cooldown, any little bit helps for the “safety” factor. Remember all other mitigation will come from Nuclei.

10. If he gets empowered SECOND and you only have 3 or less nuclei on you…GG.

11. Ok I think that’s it I’m getting bored LMAO

Truny the Warlock

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