Blood Queen Lana’thel: Less Distress

Less distressful to fight than say Putricide! The guild is officially 10/12 in Icecrown with her death!

What did we do in this fight? Assign the biters.

Bitten #1 bits #2, #1 then bites #3 and #2 bites #4 and by this time it should be a win.

Will of the Forsaken helps a lot with her fearing air phase, as we can just calmly get back in position and continue to pew pew. It might be annoying if you are about to hunger for blood and are feared but just keep your target selected, run towards them and spam “1” to bite ’em!

Seeing humungo crits is always fun too!

Sorry for the crappy pics, new comp arrives in two weeks!

Truny the Warlock

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