Healing the "Real" Groups

Yay more ramblings about randoms! When I’m on my warlock happily blowing shit up for the pure joy of watching seed of corruption blow up I don’t really care how geared the rest of the group is save for the tank and heals and the other DPS (err..).

If the tank can hold threat I will go balls to the wall and use the Maximum Seed Limit. Or if there’s a Ret Paladin in the group I’ll just stand back since their amazing AOE damage downs everything in 2 seconds anyways. It’s fun being carried.

If everything goes wrong and the healer realizes I have turned myself into a giant purple demon, I can tank for 30 seconds until everything goes really berserk.

Anyways, to the point now: When I’m gathering the frost badges on my druid, yes I still call it gathering frosts since it’s not as fun to heal anymore but the benefit of having two more frosts while having a fast queue outweighs what may come:

The Normal Group.

You know, you’ll sometimes land into a group where EVERYONE are fresh or up-and-coming 80s. They do completely fine mid 2k dps, the tank is solid and holds threat. But. Everything is so…SLOW! But Normal!

Remember that speed? This USED to be the fastest speed a heroic dungeon could be ran at. EVERYONE at 2.5k dps that is crazy?

But it feels so slow nonetheless, and being a druid healer I’m just standing there going “uhh so…we done yet?” *Jump Jump Jump”*

OH so if you’re in Tree-Form and want to have some fun, run up to a mob and repeatedly right-click the mob as fast as you can and you’ll see yourself tree-bitch-slap the mob REALLY REALLY fast (though the damage is the same as the normal auto-attack speed). ITS HILAROUS just don’t do it and forget about the rest of the group and have them go splat.

Turny the Slapping Tree

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