Truny and the Magical Crawdad

I’ve been stalking the lakes of Terrokar Forest for about a week, fishing in Highland Mixed Schools, waiting for the cast that would bring up Mr. Pinchy to no avail, everytime I got a handful of Furious Crawdad.

Then Monday/Tuesday I forget, was flying around with nothing much to do so I decided to do the Terrokar fishing quest and make a small round of Highland Mixed pools just for laughs.

As I was flying to the lake, all of a sudden some guild on the alliance side obtains the Realm First Heroic Lich King 25 and it was all tada-yellow-text-spam and I thought: “Ok, if I found the Crawdad, that would overshadow killing Arthas on Heroic for just a second.”

And yep, on my fourth pool I fish up the Mr. Pinchy.

It was quite tense.

My bags were full so I had to make sure I kept the loot window open to throw something away.

Phew. Then in my excitement I clicked on Mr. Pinchy to get his “wish” but my bags were full because he had occupied the last slot. OH NO! But I saw I had received a mail, which to my relief and surprise actually had the magical crawdad box!

Sorry for the crappy picture I’ve been too lazy to find a nice place to pose and to edit the picture.


Truny and the Crawdad

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