Truny’s Friday QQ – More Loot Drama

Forget the Shriveled Heart, I have my eyes on an even SHINIER item!

The Ghoulslicer !!

This sword is frickin’ awesome! I know I have no business with a melee sword, but it looks frickin’ awesome and I don’t really feel the need to obtain anymore legitimate upgrades and this sword is going to be so awesome to swing around!

QQ Time:

Ok I’ve ran regular Halls of Reflection about THREE times and still haven’t seen this sword drop, which drops off Farmic or Fralric or F whatever.

Apparently trying to queue for the Regular ICC 5 mans even as a TANK does not guarantee an insta-queue due to the lack of DPS (WHUT?), so queuing as a DPS takes even longer and the issue is: What if someone in the group actually NEEDS this sword. (Like my DK)

And characters at the level of my DK are probably in low level blues or even greens with the odd smattering of level 200 items. This sword would be a nice DPS boost, an actual DPS boost for dual wielding DKs looking for an upgrade. (Hmmm my DK could equip TWO but I don’t want to play him)

I shall try again tonight, and if it drops I am so putting a freakin’ Mongoose enchant on it since what else are we to do with this pile-up of gold and materials??

Truny the Expertise Sword Warlock

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