Truny’s Loot Drama – Ghoulslicer Update

So I ran regular Halls of Reflection many many times, since a friend needed the tanking shield from Marlic and fellow guildies wanted to upgrade their ALTs so I had lots of fun blowing shit up regardless of what the loots were, the mobs don’t hit so hard in regular anyways.

First couple runs, no sword, QQ, next run it drops and I am allowed to roll Need on it and WOOT (pics to come later! Which means never cause I’m too lazy to open up my pics file and edit the pics and upload it and yeah..) drop!

Next run, another drops and I greed for fun and win a second Ghoulslicer! AMG! WTB DUAL WIELD!

The next day we attempt the dungeon and I managed to greed a THIRD one!

WTB TRI-WIELD! I’ll wield it with my mouth I don’t know!

With this sword and the nice expertise on it I can maintain a consistent 5.2k dps in most heroics (versus 5.8 using my “real” sword…….)

Truny the Ghoulslicer

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