Good PUG Bad PUG: ICC 25

On Tuesday I had finally decided to drop my Death Knight’s mining for Alchemy since Turby is already a maxed miner and I had an entire tab of herbs just waiting to be mixed into delicious chemicals.

I was switching back and forth between toons looking through their old bank bags and saw someone soliciting for some DPS in ICC 25.

“Ugh fine I’ll join” I thought. I didn’t have the “achievement” for 25 persons yet but I did have the 10 persons and the fights are essentially the same for the first wing anyways.

Method of recruitment: “What’s your GS?”. I replied with my score, they seemed happy with it.

I logged into Truny the Warlock and the group was already at Marrowgar yay no trash!

I have a habit of setting the tank as my focus just from being a healer (and the healer when I’m tanking) and as we pulled I saw the tank’s HP drop all the way to 15% then back up.

PHEW. A few more seconds in, the boss’ target switched “SMASH”, that person died. I wonder who it was. Oh well.

Marrowgar does his bone storm and we all run around and dodge fire and what not and we all coalesce back to the same spot inside his hit box. BAM someone else dies. BAM the tank dies. I have a feeling we don’t have an offtank?

The raid was called after that so I guess I had joined at the end of a long run on Marrowgar. Whatever, back to levelling Alchemy. (Which is now at 285, outlands level, at least I can fly around and gather herbs for my poor DK now)

Good PUG. Yesterday the same thing happened more or less, was gathering a bit higher level herbs and had hearthed back to mail them to Klupty when I saw another advertisement for Damages in ICC 25. This time I looked up the person asking first and yes they did have some clears.

We rocked our way to Marrowgar and this time the tank didn’t die and we actually cleared all the way to Saurfang (pics or it didn’t happen, I’ll post them later).

Nothing THAT significant for those who have done this a billion times, and the first six or seven bosses in the raid are pretty simple anyways. Heck Lootship isn’t even a boss you just…attack some boat and some people on a boat!

The Thing I Found Funny was that we cleared the first wing in entire silence. It was like running a random heroic. Creepy no? No one said anything, or typed anything except for clicking “yes” to ready checks. Since when did end-game content become walks in the park? I guess when everyone is sexy beautifu land confident, I mean competent things just happen. A lot of fellow raiders had commented “wow what a good pug”.

Truny didn’t find any sexy smexy upgrades though since as her mantra stands:

“If someone else needs the same item as Truny does, there is no way in hell she will ever win a roll against them. Ever”

That’s my gripe with 25’s, even MORE people to roll higher than my Truny Rolls: 2 (1-100)

That’s ok. One more upgrade just means one less reason to play =(

Truny the Warlock

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