Random Dungeon Experiment

I pugchecked myself at www.pugchecker.com, and as I had been complaining before, if my “Random” heroic dungeon is not Azjol Nerub it’s Halls of Stone/Lightning. And recently, Culling of Stratholme.

Here’s the count.

Azjol Nerub: 43
Culling of Stratholme: 34
Halls of Lightning: 29
Halls of Stone: 28

Every other dungeon is under 20 clears with almost 90% of them under 15 clears.

Since I only run one random heroic a day on Truny for the Only-Useful-Frosts, I am going to start keeping track of the names of the party members I see, because maybe I have been running H AN EVERYDAY with the same people without knowing?

It’s funny, because even considering the high number of Azjol Nerub runs, the 28 Halls of Stone Stand In That Room With Lasers Event probably consist of the greatest amount of time wasted since 28 times that 5 minutes is like….what FIVE WEEKS?

Truny the Warlock

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