Go Die

Have you ever partied with that lone dps’er who just has to top the charts, even at their own peril?

I’m talking the random heroics here.

You know, the enhancement shaman that takes more damage than the tank, or the spinny warrior things that take more damage than the tanks, or the trigger happy hunter?

You know, in the first five seconds of the fight they already generated half the damage while everyone else is sitting at their initial pull 2k dps?

I love to mess with those people.

What do heroics consist of? Various groups of mobs, then a boss.

What’s the fastest way for us to down anything in such groups?

Seed of Corruption. This spell is so fun it’s not even funny.

The tank pulls four mobs. Get your haste up for heroics, you’ll love it.

Let’s say you cast a Seed on each of the four mobs. The average damage is 3,ooo to 6,200 crits so let’s say 4,500. (Though in reality I usually see 5,000-6,200)

OTHER than a very geared rogue who can auto-attack 7003453353 dps, what other class can produce in the window of about five seconds:

(4 + 4 + 4 + 4) x 4500 for a total of about 75,000 damage? (See the example numbers is pretty low usually its 120,000 but that’s assuming spell power on the higher end)

This makes them go insane!

When they see this on the first pull they will, they WILL ramp it up on the next pull and possibly draw aggro from multiple mobs and die.

***WARNING: This will generate a lot of threat. Practise! Try throwing out one seed, then topping it off with a rain of fire and see how your damage compares to the tank’s. Then try two, three, four, etc.

Truny the AOE-FEST!

One comment

  1. I occasionally get this dream-DPS setup PUG. This other day I had 2 locks in my PUG HOL from which I think 1 was aff spec and 1 destro. They mich have been competing. Most packs health just dropped to half within 4 seconds of pulls. Between SF and Shockwave stuns and Seeds, I didn't really do much tanking, rather just arranging packs in a neat tight spot ^^


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