So in conclusion….

So the talk of the town are the new purchaseable crap at the Blizzard store.

Uh huh, the Celestial Steed or Horse or Whatever. When I first saw this I thought “oh…Ulduar’s so outdated why are they adding a new mount for it but I guess Alagalon needs some loving and now he’ll drop a mount in hard mode probably”. Um, wrong. This mount is not obtained by killing Algalon on hard mode but you just buy it for $25 USD. I had my suspicions when I saw like seven hundred people in Dalaran afk’ing on these weird transparent mounts that these are indeed not obtained through the killing of something.

Thoughts? Well for the people sitting on it just to show off. FUCK OFF. No one cares that you paid $25 for something it’s not even pretty it reminds me of some other mount we have in game but just transparent? Sure it’s handy that every toon now gets this ugly thing but for myself, I don’t think any of my characters are aligned to anything From The Heavens. And $25?? I don’t even make that much in ten minutes!!

Sure it’s new and shiny but something so accessible is not special. Heck none of us are special I guess that’s the real underlying but this is not a Sociology blog so I’ll leave it at that.

Sure you may have lots of money and can spend it on whatever you like but yeah, no one cares. Yeah I’m talking about YOU gearscore!

I also rode by one of them baby XT pets and it annoyed the fuck out of me. Actually I didn’t even SEE the thing I HEARD it whining and whining which made me just want to DPS it down and TEAR OUT ITS FUCKIN HEART! Why would you want that thing following you if only to annoying the HELL out of everyone?

And now that the prelim class previews are all out…

Ok wait… come back…. COME BACK!!! Ok so wait, so like ok what resto druids don’t have ok what any like changes?

Wait ok but listen to me here ok just listen cause I mean we like need this new cool spell and it’ll be real cool and ok so:

Remember a long time ago I demanded this and like yeah it’s called something like..

[Searing Life]: For every point of health that a druid heals on an ally, the druid deals damage equivalent damage, including overheals to the ally’s target.

We get to be Heals DPS on Valithria, why not just make heals also deal damage?

COME ON!! Casting rejuv regrowth three stacks of lifebloom on everyone then spam a wildgrowth then using tranquility isn’t THAT OP!

What happened to swiftmend hitting multiple targets and rejuv hitting multiple targets screw the T10 jumping rejuv it should be automatically jumping so we can deal more damage! And what happened to the Tranquility Aura that now it looks like Paladins get?? Paladins already heal for 80353253 health in each Flash of Light and Holy Hands or whatever the heck they’re doing!!

So yeah, take that purchaseable stuff! If there was an offering of some DEMONIC or Skeletal dragon or Kraken (release it!) I’d buy it, since most of us probably will make more than $25 just from the time spent reading this entry.


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