Why Oh Why Melee?

Despite my gripes with playing melee, why is playing a warrior tank SO FUN?

Bruny the Warrior went from 27 to 29 in just a couple of runs! To my horror, some of the randoms dropped me in the middle of nowhere in Gnomeregan! EEP!

It’s ok, Thunderclap everything and get my revenge on everything and rock the charts while tanking! I seriously dont’ even know how to DPS as a warrior and I have a feeling that tanking as one provides more damage output since all the mobs are focusing on you which means RAAGE!

Compared to early tanking as a paladin where we run up to the mobs, or ranged taunt them, then spill all your mana on the floor, use your hammer of judgeness and autoattack and wait to spend more mana. MANA. Though I think mobs tend to stick to a paladin more just from Consecrate so I don’t know…

And this warrior has messed up my Toon List! They were supposed to progress based on their position on my character list which now looks like this:

80, 80, 80, 80, 67, 46, 26, 23, 17, 29, it’s WRONG!!! GRRR!!

I feel that after some Scarlet Monastery runs tonight Bruny will be rockin’ in his mid 30’s!


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