Truny the Warlock’s Upgrade Day!

Truny is officially a member of the Dark Coven! Yesterday was a day of four upgrades actually, starting off with 78 emblems of frost I did the daily and we cleared up to Festergut for an additional 14 bringing the total up to 92! We actually controlled Wintergrasp fortunately, and Toravon the Frost Pinata yielded an extra four emblems, killing him on both modes.

That was the first upgrade, the Dark Coven Hood. It wasn’t exactly an upgrade from the Hood of Smoldering Aftermath, since it has less haste HOWEVER it has 88 more crit and along with my T10 gloves provides the straight 5% crit bonus to three of my nukes.

The second upgrade was from hitting honored with the Ashen Verdict assholes, a nice shinier ring.

Having hit honored, I also bought the pattern to create and crafted for myself the Deathfrost Boots. Again the Hit on these shoes were needed since I dropped both my points in suppression and put them into Destructive Reach, threat reduction and standing farther away once again!

Last upgrade, which was actually the first upgrade I received was the Cord of the Patronizing Practitioner. Long enough name there? I get to patronize people even more now! This dropped off of Lord Marrowgar. I’d have to say, reading up and watching his strategy was more difficult than the actual fight. Stand in his hit box, don’t worry about cold flame. Kill the person who’s impaled (which looked really hilarious), and when he spins around, just dodge stuff. Done. Though this is not as strong as the emblem belt, but then again I can accrue the 60 emblems and put it towards the rest of the T10 set!

Um, the end!

Truny the Warlock

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